Happy baptized Grease

jason-roy-leveillee-annie-villeuveAn actor and singer became a singer became an actress. Jason Roy-Léveillée and Annie Villeneuve were due to work together, a happiness that has materialized thanks to the musical Grease, including a new series of performances will be held next summer in Quebec City.

From 28 June to 24 July, blockbuster elect domicile at the Salle Albert-Rousseau. After two successful stays in Montreal, St. Denis Theatre, this production will approach the region which gave birth to the singer, who would “detail” was no exception.

“There is nothing there, cross the Park. In addition, people can pair Grease the many activities offered at the same time, including the Quebec City Summer Festival, “said Annie Villeneuve, Tuesday during an interview to the newspaper.

The Jonquieroise, who plays the role of Sandy, that assumed once Olivia Newton-John, was accompanied by Sandy interpreter. He is tall and strong, while its partner is also a delicate Meissen porcelain. The contrast is obvious and jasette strand sufficient to find that it is not just their appearance.

So, Annie Villeneuve was always known for his perfectionism, a trait of character even more useful in the context of an ambitious production. “I’m comfortable with that, but thanks to Jason, I let myself go a little,” she says.

His comrade, he borrowed the opposite. “Me too, it helps me to work with Annie,” he states. Draft of nature interpreter has learned to impose tags in contact with his partner. We need the trains run on time, as they say, especially in the many dance numbers performed by the duo.

“My mother warned me not to escape,” says the Jonquiéroise laughing. It refers to a bold choreography in which Jason Roy-Léveillée made him do a pirouette. “You have to be fit and disciplined. For this reason, between performances, I take the time to rest, “says the young man.

The reward comes from the pleasure which the show. It is nice to interpret hits like Summer Nights and You’re The One That I Want, as everyone knows. Added to the spirit that has developed within the team, the desire to put their egos at the door to get involved in a group project.

“There’s a chemistry in the group, which corresponds to the nature of the show,” confirms Jason Roy-Léveillée. For its part, Annie Villeneuve finds a familiar atmosphere, the productions of the troupe Québec Issime where it has established its reputation as a performer.

“Teamwork, it picks me, says the singer. It adds to the atmosphere, whereas in my solo shows, my partner is the public. It is clear that after this experience, I will not make the scene in the same way. ”

She also mentioned her first foray to the theater, in the room they were so loved. “She helped me to use my body, instead of hiding behind a microphone. I learned to manage my arms, “notes Annie Villeneuve.

For now, Grease is a priority, along with making an album. Some texts are ready, but there is much work to do before planning the launch. As for Jason Roy-Léveillée, he prepares a show with four other guys, the Brother’s Sessions, while playing in the television series Unit 9.

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