“Hands-Bazooka”: Loboda horrified appearance

"Руки-базуки": Лобода ужаснула внешним видом

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who lives and works in Russia, has published photos taken on the Russian music award “Muz-TV”

Published in Instagram photo, the actress poses in a silver sparkly mini-dress with voluminous sleeves. Hair pop star is dissolved, the frame came out very dramatic, but not all hit the spot.

“The coolest”, “Hands-Bazooka”, “Beautiful only Loboda, and the sleeves on the dress extra”, “what sleeves do you mean?” “Awesome”, “Loboda good, and dress in caricature,” “Terrible, if you can call dress”, “the Horror!”, — write in the comments.

"Руки-базуки": Лобода ужаснула внешним видом

Also on the eve Loboda showed a bright image, which most fans seemed unattractive, some noted that this is the worst outfit Loboda in the entire history of her career.

About this fans wrote under the artist in Instagram.

Svetlana Loboda showed a spectacular image of the bright coat of red, a yellow dress, with lots of decorations in gold and silver shades. The singer has supplemented her unusual way narrow glasses and a bright Macapa.

Netizens could not pass and began to comment on her picture. Fans of the actress for the most part expressed indignation appearance of the singer. Some felt that the singer has no taste.

"Руки-базуки": Лобода ужаснула внешним видом

“You began to look at the last time is very cheap and vulgar”, “Why is the goods?? Take the example of Tina Karol – just without all of the metal…”, “bad Taste, is just disgusting”, “Rural glamour”, “my God, worse than it is now Light never looked” “I don’t understand, and where her ample Breasts??? Sponge silicone is seen and no Tits🤣🤣🤣🤣”, “Sho bespontovye ochechi😂😂😂😂”, “Business lady”.

Recall, Loboda in black has confused fans.

As reported Politeka, Loboda no makeup stunned appearance.

Also Politeka wrote that quinoa was accused of new plagiarism.