Handball: two sisters here represent Canada

soeurs-laurie-odrey-anne-lacasse(Granby) From handball, Odrey Laurie-Ann Lacasse and eat. So that the two sisters, aged 18 and 16 respectively, now represent Canada on the international scene. And recently, they were able to put their skills to the test at Pan Am Championships in Latin America.

With junior, Odrey-Ann went to Brazil, while Laurie went to Chile with the juvenile team. Handball had already made the journey, but it was the first time that Lacasse sisters wore Canada’s colors. The experience was very enriching.

“It’s more serious. Do you realize that this is really something! It’s stronger, it’s faster, “says Ann-Odrey.

In both cases, young women have had to settle for fifth and last. They do not necessarily show disappointed, saw the power of the teams they faced.

“It’s not bad world increasingly shape. As Brazil is all of six feet! It’s scary! “Exclaimed Laurie.

Indeed, his team has been proven by numerous injuries during the competition, which did not help. However, Lacasse sisters feel their country could rely on speed to avoid being totally humiliated in these competitions.

“We knew, though, compete,” said the elder.

known sport

If it is so difficult for Canada to perform abroad is that the sport is far behind hockey, football or soccer in terms of popularity here. Moreover, handball occupies a much more prominent. Difficult to compete in such conditions.

“Team One does not even CEGEP, just to tell you, is launching Odrey-Ann. We must go Divine Word, a chance that Marc [St. Lawrence, their coach] is here! ”

Not easy, either, to perform when you have to train with girls in Alberta, while girls from Uruguay, for example, are devoted exclusively to training for a month before a big tournament. And in addition, the amounts invested are important. Odrey-Ann says that this year’s competitions have cost him over $ 8,000.

Whatever, they are passionate and are not intended to be discouraged. They also will participate this summer in the same team in a competition in Drummondville. They will then have the opportunity together to confront countries that, like Canada, are major forces in handball.

“It’s all teams of our level,” says Laurie.

“It’s still a big competition that interests us, that could evolve to us,” Odrey-Ann.

In the footsteps of their mother

The two sisters have something to inspire, since their mother Julie Audet, has also been part of the Canadian team handball. It has also closely followed the two Pan Am Championships which involved her daughters through the Internet.

“She followed us and was feverish! She was really proud, “says Laurie.

The two sisters are happy to benefit from the encouragement and advice of a mother who knows their reality.

Also with Granby

Odrey Laurie-Ann Lacasse and also wear the colors Handball Granby juvenile level of the Quebec Federation of Olympic handball. Laurie is also the second leading scorer of the circuit and Granby finished the regular season in first place. Right in the championship, the team faces the Celtic Montreal in the semifinals. The game is presented this Wednesday at 19: 30 pm, at the high school of the Divine Word.

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