Half of Ukrainians will be left without a pension: “I’ll have to work even harder”

Половину украинцев оставят без пенсии: "придется ещё больше работать"

In ten years the people of Ukraine will feel not dangerous effect of the pension reform

According to the innovation, along with sovremenie and the new rule of recalculation of pensions, the government has tightened the conditions of retirement. In 60 years will be able to get only those Ukrainians who have accumulated 26 years of service. In the resist case, will have to work another three years.

HR-expert Alexander Belous noted that modern people rarely work at one place your whole life. In search of better conditions, Ukrainians change organizations and even areas of activity. Sometimes searches take a while.

Половину украинцев оставят без пенсии: "придется ещё больше работать"

“Over a lifetime can easily gain three or four years when never officially arranged. This may be a break in connection with childbirth, may be necessary for some time to their health. It can be quite different reasons”, — explained the expert.

The Ministry of social policy has estimated that by 2029, only half (about 55%) of Ukrainians at the age of 60 years can retire. The rest will have to work until they are 63 years old.

An expert in the field of pensions, senior researcher of the Institute of demography and social studies Lydia Tkachenko drew vnimanie as the situation is getting worse by the year. The more Ukrainians accumulate seniority after 2004 – the less their contribution is valued by the state. According to her, 15 years ago was considered a time when people pay pension contributions. That is, a person may not receive a salary — the main thing is to give employment to the personnel Department. But after 2004, the government will begin to count employees only, when they and pay dues, and receive a salary.

Половину украинцев оставят без пенсии: "придется ещё больше работать"

In addition, citizens began later to go to work. Previously, young people graduating from universities at the age of 21 and had already had 4-5 years working experience. Now qualified professionals be in the 23-24 years. According to experts, it makes young people too early to think about retirement.

To avoid problems with the pension, the Ukrainians should abandon informal work. This applies to jobs abroad. The employer must pay contributions and taxes, and workers to monitor the implementation of these requirements. Better not to make long breaks. Then there is the chance to retire already at age 60.

We will remind, recalculation of pensions will not be: there is an important statement.

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