Half marathon firefighters “Maxime was with us”

(Trois-Rivieres) The atmosphere could be heavy at Half Marathon Firefighters Shawinigan while one of them, Maxime Fournier, had died a few meters from the finish line at the last edition. It became essential to honor the memory of the rider and this is what was done at the beginning of the event.

“This is something close to his heart. Think Maxime for this race, “implored the leader of the race just before observing a minute of silence. The riders did not want to prolong this difficult time more than you should. Shortly after this tribute is the Course of happiness (21.1 km) which is set in motion, the same one that had taken part Maxime Fournier last year.

Carl Boulianne, race director and founder of the Half Marathon Firefighters Shawinigan, agrees that this time, as emotional as it is, was to take place. “Maxime was with us all the time. It was significant, the beginning, it was important to emphasize, “he acknowledges. All riders showed their bib or vest black ribbon associated with Maxime.

1 of departures, 5, 10 and 21.1 km (half-marathon) were also held. There were about 1100 to jump on the different routes, a crowd comparable to previous editions.

Carl Boulianne did not bring any major changes to the site safety. Recall that in the coroner’s report on the death of the young man of 21, it was suggested that access to advanced cardiac life in the minutes that followed its collapse could have contributed to increase his chances of survival.

“Like last year, we had first aid anywhere on the course. We still had a doctor, nurses and paramedics. We know that what we did, it was still well done, “he says.

The race for happiness

Race happiness has once again succeeded in moving the runners and spectators. To see these people with disabilities on the starting line, eager to hit the road, has something to smile. “The race for happiness, it is people who decide to forget the race time, forget the competition to benefit a disabled person to live a half-marathon, which she could not do otherwise.” Although installed in adapted chairs, the “captains” were therefore driven to relay five riders who made them cross the finish line after 21.1 km of effort.

Vincent’s parents Gervais overflowing pride in seeing their son on the starting line. The young man of 15 is suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, an inherited disease that causes muscle weakness. For 3 years, Vincent no longer able to walk. Never mind, they were five to propel him along the way. “He wants to feel the wind on his face, that’s what we’ll do,” assured Yves Simard, one of those who pushed Vincent, before departure.

Carl Boulianne love this race for the demonstrations of solidarity entails. “It gives moments that are magical, especially on the course at the finish too.”

A portion of the funds raised will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and stroke. The other portion of the proceeds used to purchase batteries for smoke detectors to be distributed to children in primary schools in the area.

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