Hackers have created a new virus to steal money from the owners of Android

It found experts McAfee. Malware has already infected more than 10 apps in the official Google Play store.

Хакеры создали новый вирус для кражи денег у владельцев Android


McAfee reported that hackers have created a new virus called Sonvpay.C to steal money from the owners of Android. Malware infecting apps in the Google Play officially since January of this year, and have managed to “hit” more than 10 objects. After you install the infected application, the virus sends to your smartphone disguised silent update alerts, which are actually subscribing to a paid service. The owner Android-smartphone did not suspect anything, scammers use WAP billing – a program that does not require sending SMS messages. Thus funds from a mobile account of the victims are written off directly and without their knowledge.

McAfee advised the owners of Android-based smartphones to scrutinize the applications before you install and don’t load programs that require access to payment via SMS.

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