Habits that lead to premature aging

It’s simple: give up these addictions, and you save your health.

Звички, які призводять до передчасного старіння

Each of us is afraid to Wake up one day and see in the mirror, decrepit, wrinkled old man. Age is a constant reminder that we are all mortal, informs Rus.Media.

There are simple ways to reverse back the aging process. One of the most effective is an active lifestyle and regular exercise.

However, whatever methods we use, they do no good if you don’t get rid of the following habits. To give up these addictions, and you save your health. So…

You refuse to learn every day something new

Refusing every day to learn something and discover something new, you do pregovorite yourself to premature aging.

Everything else, constant intellectual growth, develops analytical abilities. He is much better able to analyze like myself and my life and everything that happens around (the world). Training extremely positive effect on our cognitive abilities. You understand what we do. Refusing to learn, we age faster.

You do not recognize meditation

Meditation and yoga are very useful. They will help you forget about stressful events happening around you, will help to focus the attention on himself.

Yoga and meditation lowers the level of “stress hormones” in the human body. Daily meditation is a great way to rejuvenate.

You don’t follow the diet

One way to harm your body – not good enough to chew food that you consume. It creates a huge load on the digestive tract.

Another bad habit is the reluctance to control the amount of fatty and sweet food that you consume. And this is leading to health problems.

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You move a little

In combination with the previous habit, it leads to accumulation in body fat and sugars. This harmful “cocktail” slows down metabolism, you gain weight. In addition, high blood pressure and have other serious health problems.

You don’t control blood pressure

Here everything is clear. High blood pressure – is a clear symptom of the fact that the human body is under stress. In addition, hypertension itself is a major cause of stress. In short, a vicious circle.

Pressure problems mean that the body broken blood flow. Therefore, organs not receiving sufficient nutrients. As a result, our body ceases to function as it should.

High blood pressure worst of all affects the heart and the brain. Think for a moment about what the consequences might be. What would happen if one of them does soundrite?

You do not follow the rate of metabolism

A clear symptom of a slow metabolism sudden weight gain. Such a symptom suggests that the body is under stress and therefore creates fat stores. This is the bell which should tell you that it’s time for reinforced training.

You smoke

To start Smoking and gradually drawn very easily. This habit is one of the main causes of lung cancer and embolism of blood vessels.

Smoking plays a role in the emergence of a number of other health problems ranging from high blood pressure and ending with symptoms of diabetes. Just give up this habit. You can manage perfectly well without nicotine, it is not necessary for your body. The withdrawal from nicotine will make your life better. Try.

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You don’t live real

Many of us do not live a full life. All we do is work and spend time on the routine, and in between take myself with thoughts of a past that can’t change, and the illusory future.

The more you just enjoy the small pleasures of life, the more you will have chances to live a longer and beautiful life.

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