Habits that add to our years

Modern women look much younger than their peers of previous generations.

Звички, які додають нам зайвих років

Today the age limit has shifted 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40. If before the 50-year-old woman who actively takes care of himself and enjoys sports, for example, caused surprise and admiration, now it is the default setting. The new generation is now not only about youth. The stratum of people who do not want to copy the lifestyle of their parents, and believe your the age of 40 years of productive. In Europe, for they coined the term – perennials, it is people who do not drive themselves into the framework of the age and keep pace with the times, informs Rus.Media.

Of course, every woman wants, as long as you can look younger and more attractive. But in order to understand what gives us the extra years, you should start not with questions about the age closet, and from the very beginning.

Has long been known that the first impression of the man created during the first 4 seconds, and we appreciate it in appearance.

That’s what makes you older than you really are:

Attempts to hide your age

Trying to hide age sometimes look pathetic. A seemingly simple question “How old are you?”, but it causes so many different emotions – from outrage to inappropriate coquetry. In fact, Through the reluctance to voice his own age, we often throws the other party to five years more than it is actually. It happens also that understating the real figure, a person runs the risk of opinion: “Exactly 45? Looks a lot older.” Believe me, if a woman actually looks much younger than his real age, it is not affectations, and talks about it quite openly. So is there something to hide?

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Excess plastic and beauty shots

There are lovers who lie about their age not only through words but also through deeds. Yes, we are talking about plastic surgery and beauty injections. Oval face, full cheeks – one of the hallmarks of youth. But it is impossible to apply the filler endlessly – in the end, when the face we see a pillow of gel, it looked old and scary.

So think – maybe someone will deceive you from afar, but up close this plastic is pathetic and clearly speaks about a desperate attempt to be young.

Well-groomed skin of the face

Considering all the above, it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions about what one should not do anything to improve the appearance. Unless you are lucky with genetics. On care using homemade masks for the face with a banana/cucumber/sour cream little hope. Against a deep age-related wrinkles and pigmentation care powerless.

In the XXI century – there are many effective ways of dealing with wrinkles. It is not always necessary to inject Botox, there are many alternative procedures (mesotherapy, peels, laser resurfacing) and professional cosmetics for face with a working ingredients. And in the fight against pigmentation do not forget about prevention: the tan is beautiful, but disastrous for the skin.

Groomed hands and neck

Directing the efforts to maintain a youthful face, don’t forget about the hands and neck, which are usually early age and issue age. To help you many hardware procedures.

Bad teeth

It is easy to understand without deep investigation that the jaw is a big part of the face, and the changes in them affect the overall appearance of a person. Often to their Mature age people get easy deformation of the mouth – it becomes like beveled. This happens because people can chew with the same side of the mouth using teeth. Teeth are something that need care to care his entire life. In his youth front teeth slightly longer than the other – do not leave this fact without attention. If you’re going to do a Weiner, keep in mind that with age, the teeth are eroded, and perfectly aligned set of teeth of equal length will automatically be hinting at the artificial/false teeth.

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Excessive makeup

From a certain age, makeup should follow the rule – it is better to “under” than “pen”. Do not make the face mask too tight tone, top, powder, blush, highlighter, and other tools look OK on photos but not in real life. Bright eyeshadow, dark lipstick color also look quite difficult for Mature people. But really no makeup can not do, for example, if you have dull skin, pale lips, skin pigmentation, etc. Apply makeup gently, remembering that its first function is to refresh the face.

Dry, grey hair

After menopause, the hair becomes dehydrated, so do not forget to moisturize them both outside and from the inside (drink more water). Hair (and skin) – an indicator of the age. Dull, lifeless hair begins to thin is a significant reason to consult a specialist.

If your target is youthful appearance, should declare the gray hair battle. Hair coloring in adulthood differs that you should avoid too dark or too light shades. It is important in addition to the basic colour to use more shades – it will make the hair multi-dimensional and more alive.

In the former Soviet Union women age prefer short haircuts like men’s shirts, and without regret parting with the hair length. In fact, do not have to go on a short conservative hairstyle. Optimal hairstyles with medium length hair.


No plastic face will not save if you have excess weight. Extra pounds add age even young girls, to say nothing about the women. Trim athletic figure without excessive dryness of the body – that they should aspire to in order to look younger.

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