Habit to go to bed with a wet head can lead to unpleasant consequences

To sleep with a wet head really bad.

Звичка лягати з мокрою головою може привести до неприємних наслідків

Who among us does not know the situation when that you should wash your hair, remembered only late in the evening, and tomorrow it is important to have clean and styled hair. In the morning, drying time, and at night do not have the strength to wait for the full drying the hair naturally. As a result, we go to bed with a wet head, not thinking of what negative effects this habit can have on health, informs Rus.Media.


A very compelling reason not to go to bed with a wet head – the risk of catching cold. If the room is hot, in the morning you can find themselves otitis media, runny nose, cough and even nerve inflammation. Don’t endanger your health, saving time for drying hair. The treatment will cost you a round sum, and a lot of pain.


Almost everyone on the skin scalp lives a fungus which manifests itself by formation of dandruff under certain conditions. Humidity is one such ideal conditions for breeding.


If you go to bed with wet hair you in the habit, then perhaps your pillow does not have time to dry well enough. As you know, in the filling of the pillows is inhabited by fungi, mites and various bacteria, which in conditions of high humidity and heat are dangerous pathogens allergic reactions: itching of mucous membranes, coughing, asthma.


During sleep with a wet head is uneven heating of parts of the head, one more heated and the other cooled. Such a rise inevitably leads to muscle spasm, which is expressed headaches.

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Звичка лягати з мокрою головою може привести до неприємних наслідків

Hair breakage

Wet hair even combing is not recommended, as uncontrolled movements during sleep are subjected to them inevitable injuries. Tresses is thinning, becoming brittle and tangled, making them difficult to comb afterwards.


Another dangerous consequence of sleep navisystem hair. We have found that at night, the scalp supercooled when we go to bed with wet hair. It causes inflammation of follicles of hair, causing ulcers. Running form faculity can result in more dire consequences such as baldness.

If we sleep with a wet head is inevitable, at least try to minimize the dangerous consequences of this habit. Avoid cold temperatures in the bedroom, replace the satin pillowcase and wrap the wet hair with a towel to absorb moisture and protect them from unnecessary confusion on the pillow.

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