Guy Ritchie. The best movies of the king of thieves

Гай Ричи. Лучшие фильмы короля воров

Renowned British Director guy Ritchie celebrates its anniversary. Корреспондент.net talks about his most iconic tapes.

Cult British Director guy Ritchie celebrates 50 year anniversary on 10 September. His debut film lock, stock, and two Smoking barrels the film industry blew up and made stars actor Jason Statema and Vinnie Jones. Корреспондент.net remembering his best movies.


Cards, money, two trunk

Original title Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a play on words, because the basis contains the old English idiom lock, stock and barrel (lock, stock and barrel), which means “all”. In addition, the idiom smoking gun (Smoking gun), can be translated as “pale”.

The film is about four adventurous friends, who because of the deception in a card game with a big guy instead of the expected half a million pounds of winning now they have a week to pay this amount.

Cards, money, two trunk won 12 major domestic and international awards.

“Best film since pulp fiction, in which there is no positive character,” the critics say.


Big jackpot

In the video there is profanity

Brad pitt, looking Cards, money and two Smoking barrels, guy Ritchie asked about the role in the story. Pitt got the role of Mickey the Gypsy (Irish nomad) after it was revealed that he is unable to reliably imitate a London accent.

The main character of the film need to get a huge diamond from London to New York city. Around him unfolds a complicated affair involving many colorful characters of the London of the bottom of a Russian gangster, three hapless thieves, crafty boxer and a surly bully of a formidable mafia. Everyone tries to single-handedly break a Big Jackpot.

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Awarded the highest ratings of the world press award and several awards.



The plot revolves around a con man seeking revenge, a weapon which is the “universal formula” that guarantees victory to the one who uses it, when it comes to game or fraud. Film combines not only the subject of crime, but of philosophy.



In this film guy Ritchie shows you the dark side of the British real estate market, which pushed the drug trade. Now buninskie groups are companies, and gangsters – businessmen.


Sherlock Holmes

The film is not based on any of the stories or novels of Arthur Conan Doyle, but contains numerous hidden and direct links to them. For example, Holmes repeatedly repeats their replica from different works.

Robert Downey Jr. for the role of Holmes received a Golden globe award in the category “Best actor – musical or Comedy”. Hans Zimmer, who wrote all the music for the film, was nominated for a critics Choice award for Best composer.

Was nominated for the award Oscar in the categories Best music and Best art Director. Received the award of magazine Empire as the best Thriller.


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