Gunshots and police chase in Saint-Nazaire

voiture-homme-crise-termine-saA person of 24 years fired rifle shots in the street in Saint-Nazaire on Sunday before taking flight in the vehicle and finishing up in the ditch.

The Surete du Quebec were called to go on Gobeil Street in Saint-Nazaire, 16 h 40, because a man in crisis drew gunfire. They established a perimeter, but the man took his car and refused to stop.

A police chase followed for five kilometers, until man carries off the road at the intersection of row 7, towards Labrecque.

The police arrested the offender, who was drunk. He was transported to hospital where a blood sample was taken in order to know her blood alcohol level. The man, aged 24, was wounded slightly.

He is expected to appear Monday. He will face charges of escape, driving while intoxicated, careless use of a firearm, obstruction, dangerous driving and breach of probation.

The shots were not injured.

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