Gunmen opened fire on the soldiers APU: used forbidden weapons, the details

Боевики открыли огонь по бойцам ВСУ: использовали запрещенное оружие, подробности

In Donbass militants opened fire on Ukrainian military twice a day, what resulted in casualties

Tonight, the militants violated the ceasefire. As a result of attacks by invaders suffered one of the Ukrainian military, the press service of the headquarters of the OSS.

All the strikes occurred in the operational-tactical group “East”, near the village of Sands point them fired from handheld antitank grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. In addition, a group of soldiers were attacked with small arms near Avdeyevka.

Боевики открыли огонь по бойцам ВСУ: использовали запрещенное оружие, подробности

“The enemy shelled positions of the combined forces from hand-held antitank grenade launchers and heavy machine guns near the settlement Peski with small arms — near Avdeevki”, — stated in the message.

As a result of shelling, one soldier of the United forces were injured. On the enemy’s provocations foreign troops returned fire, but the loss of the occupants is not yet known. At the headquarters of the situation in the Donbass is called controlled.

Earlier it was reported that the population of Donbass is ready to part with valuable things just to eat. Blogger from Donetsk Denis Kazansky decided to show the standard of living of the modern inhabitants of ORDA. He posted on his Twitter page a few screenshots of ads that demonstrate the degree of desperation of users.

As it turned out, residents of uncontrolled Ukraine territories hungry. Poverty has driven people to desperate measures. They began to change valuable things for food. So the group “Let’s change” in Donetsk and Makiivka has published the ad, which pointed out a dozen valuable items. Among them were the garments, decoration, packing blades, a screwdriver and even muffin tins. The author wrote that he was ready to give any of the suggested items were “chocolate”.

Боевики открыли огонь по бойцам ВСУ: использовали запрещенное оружие, подробности

Another member of the group put on the bartering and selling their clothes. As the currency she indicated, packaged pasta, sugar, rice, buckwheat, wheat flour. With every thing the user is ready to leave per kilogram of these products. In addition, it agrees to exchange items of chocolate, 3 packets of juice from the child’s set of humanitarian assistance, 4 packs of fruit puree from the same or other foods.

Recall, the Russian mercenaries are openly threatened the OSCE with weapons in the Donbas.

As reported Politeka, a film about the events in the Donbas has won a prestigious award in new York.

Politeka also wrote that the terrorist “DNR” told about the atrocities of the Russians in the Donbas.