Guillaume Pare champion math to 11 years

guillaume-pare-sans-contredit-bosse(Bromont) From its 11 years, Guillaume Pare soon will tread the soil of the City of Light. Not as part of a student travel, but because it is provincial champion math games. The young prodigy Bromont will be one of eight representatives from Quebec who will compete against the elite from around the globe during the international final on 25 and 26 August in Paris.

A perfect score. This was achieved Guillaume Paré to win honors math games, emerging from the lot from the hundreds of participants from primary, secondary and college levels.

The highlight of this provincial panel was held June 18 The student of the school Chantignole in Bromont was then crowned champion as part of a ceremony at the Faculty of Engineering at Laval University in Quebec. A moment full of thrills, conceded his father, Alexandre Paré. “I always knew that my son has a lot of potential. We do not put pressure him to participate in this contest, he loves mathematics (…) Seeing win the final here and know that he will represent Quebec in Paris, it is a great pride as a parent. It’s simple, my head did not pass in the door! ”

Councilman Louis Villeneuve, who knows the gifted, made comments in the same vein. “I find it very interesting that a young sort of radiate Bromont lot and is in a global competition. Really !, hat he launched. The more he studies in a public school, unlike many others who came from reputable private institutions. It shows he has talent and is well framed to exploit it. By his parents and teachers. ”

Rather down-to-earth, one that has the math whiz takes all the praise with a grain of salt. “I knew what to expect. It was the third time I participated [in the competition]. And two years, I had made the finals too. I took it calmly and I did my best, that’s all, “he dropped. He nevertheless admits that some frenzy begins to settle on the idea to rub shoulders with other countries young people in the French capital.


One might think that preparing for math games require learning a myriad of complex formulas. However, it is not. “The Games, it looks a bit like an IQ exam [IQ]. It is primarily the logical meaning is put to use, in addition to performing some mathematical operations, “summarized Alexandre Paré, stating that the questionnaire is the same for all categories. “Depending on their level, young people only meet a certain number of points out of 18,” he said.

Catherine Salois, the current professor of the winner in the fifth grade, is not surprised that it is either earned a place on the top step of the podium. “William, there are so many things going on in his head. It’s a bit like a computer. He is always ahead of others. It’s a sponge, she has shown. It assimilates the material very quickly. ”

Training Effect

Instigator of the participation of students in the competition Chantignole it three years ago, Isabelle Drouin believes that the success of the “little genius in the making” will snowball. “When I started the project, I wanted that young people develop the taste of success, they push their capabilities even further. See that the initiative pays off at this point, it is very stimulating. No doubt that we will continue and that more and more young people want to embark. ”

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. With two engineers parents, the saying seems to be confirmed for William, who wants to become an inventor. “I would like to create a scooter, a machine to travel back in time,” he said. Time will tell if he will become the next Einstein.

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