GUESS Who is this beauty queen who is hiding behind this small boils ? – Here

On Instagram, the pretty blonde shared a photo of her child. Can you guess who it is ?

In perusing the account Instagram of this personality, we stumbled upon this picture of her child. A cliché that we want you to start a new challenge, that of discovering his identity. Can you put a name on this face ? Don’t worry-if the task seems too difficult, below you will find some clues which could help you. Ready ? It is gone…

Index 1 – In November next, this pretty blonde will celebrate its 30 years

Clue 2 – She has been elected Miss France, and the president of the jury was that evening Laeticia Hallyday

Clue 3 – She has been married to a rugby player, with whom she had a little girl named Ava

Clue 4 – She now works at the Tourist Office of Cap d’agde on the Mediterranean

Index 5 – The godmother of her daughter is none other than the ex-Miss France, Valérie Bègue

Have you found the identity of this former beauty queen ? If yes, click here to know if you have referred just.

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