GUESS What famous tv presenter has become this cute little girl ? – Here

J-1 before the weekend. History of relax before chopping the TGIF (Thanks God it’s Friday) on the social networks, we propose to you a riddle is simple enough… Although…

From a famous over Instagram, this picture divides the writing from yesterday. For some, this famous tv presenter child is mega recognizable (the eyes, the mouth, the dimple on the left…), and for another, this shot is bothering them so they don’t happen to know who it is. And you ? Try to discover it with our 5 indexes.

CLUE 1 : It will blow its 38 candles on march 2

CLUE 2 : Before the television, she drew the panties for Dior

CLUE 3 : She likes to get naked infront of the camera. For his return to tv, she has dared to go topless on France 2

CLUE 4 : She has two daughters who call Hedda and Suzanne and his beloved is a boy, very Love.

CLUE 5 : In our next issue (on newsstands tomorrow), it appears distorted on page 39.

Then ? You’ve found ? NO ?!!! Don’t panic : The answer is here !

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