Guertin folder: Gatineau needs a bill

1207428Guertin The folder is made ​​at a stage of complexity as it would require a private bill passed by the National Assembly so that it meets the legal framework dictated by the Law on cities and towns

Reportedly, the Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin recently challenged the member for Hull, Maryse Gaudreault, that it is sponsoring a private member’s bill and that the present Room so that it receives the approval of MPs.

Questioned about this by Le Droit, Ms. Gaudreault confirmed receiving such a request the mayor. “I explored this avenue at the request of the mayor, she said. I made the necessary checks with the director of parliamentary work and we are too advanced in the parliamentary calendar to add a private member’s bill on the order paper. ”

Ms. Gaudreault, however, refused to specify the nature of the private bill that wished to adopt the Pedneaud Jobin-mayor. For his part, the Mayor’s office took refuge in the most total silence, as he often used to do it in this folder with the media for a year now. “We will make statements when we have something to say,” repeated the spokesman mayor, Laurence Gillot.

The City of Gatineau has missed the deadline by which a private bill was to be tabled for adoption at the end of parliamentary session, on 10 June, as will the other bills of this nature.

It was too late for the mayor’s request meets the many elements of the process surrounding the project filing private law. Gatineau had until the second Tuesday of February to file its dossier.

Elected unaware

According to the website of the National Assembly, one of the requirements for a city is to have a formal council resolution authorizing the filing of the bill. But in no time the council has passed such a resolution.

All elected contacted by Le Droit on Monday, claimed not to be aware of the steps taken by the mayor Pedneaud-Jobin with the Member for Hull to eventually file a private bill on the future Guertin Arena.

The mayor’s spokesman recalled that advisers are “set with the matter as and measure” but she declined to say if that had been the case on the specific aspect of a possible private bill .

In order to follow the normal process, a private bill must also be subject to public notice in newspapers to specify the dates on which the study will take place the bill in committee. A summary of the bill must also be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec for four consecutive weeks.

If the mayor of Gatineau decided to pursue the path of a Private Bill Guertin in the file makes it to the third Tuesday in September to officially make the request. In such cases, adoption would not take place before the end of the fall session, in December 2016.

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