Ground-breaking ceremony at St. Vincent School

pelletee-terre-protocolaire-ete-donnee(Saint-Cesaire) A huge site was implemented on June 13 about the primary school St. Vincent, Saint-Cesaire. After the demolition of nine homes expropriated in the streets St. Paul and Vimy, excavators and workers arrived at the scene to begin the work of $ 5.7 million. The ceremonial groundbreaking was given Tuesday.

“You enter a super nice stage for the future of the school, launched the chairman of the governing board, Yan Verhoef. In 2017, there will be the opening that will ensure that we will be able to accommodate all students in Saint-Césaire. ”

Indeed, more than 170 students from the municipality could have been transferred to the Guardian Angel School in a few years. The expansion of the facility had become an important issue for the city and its families. Completion is scheduled for spring 2017. “It will be a year of hubbub, but we will be so well afterwards!” Says the director of the primary school St. Vincent, Chantal Majeau.

The library will be located on the second floor of the new wing, as well as the cafeteria, local arts and childcare. The expansion will allow it to consolidate school services. The places that will not be occupied by these services will be upgraded to become six new classes. The smallest gym will also double in size, adds Majeau. The oldest parts of the school will be standardized with others.

“No way to have an old school where nobody is going to want to go and a new school where everyone will want to work,” mentioned the president of the school board of the Hautes-Rivieres, Andrée Bouchard, who inaugurated for the first time a site that required expropriation.

Safety first

Already, changes in habits had to be made. “Student safety is priority, says Ms. Majeau. It changed a little traffic around the school. The landing of the bus changed places, we had to review the organization of the movement of students. ”

During construction, the streets of Vimy and Saint Paul closed the school pitch. A school corridor was built with building boards for students to go to school by the back yard, the entrance is on Vimy. Meetings between the school, the contractor and the school board have helped plan the whole thing.

And school site will still live together a few hours before the summer recess. Then resume cohabitation between the return of the fall and spring 2017. “We’re excited, says the director. It aims to improve the living environment of students. Some students are there early in the morning until 17: 30 pm in the evening. It will be beneficial for them. We will have a real dock for buses too, so it will be even safer. ”

To reach additional space, the expropriation of new residential buildings was necessary. The City of Saint-Cesaire put his hand in his pocket, including through a debt settlement, to compensate 21 families who have almost all left the city for various reasons, has advised the mayor Guy Benjamin. “These families have understood the need of the project. People have been very accommodating in this matter. ”

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