Groulx or McIsaac? Groulx AND McIsaac!

jared-mcisaac-benoit-olivier-groulx(CHARLOTTETOWN) The question that was on everyone’s lips before the draft Saturday: Benoît Groulx-Olivier or Jared McIsaac? The Halifax Mooseheads refused to settle the question and made sure to select the two best players available for auction in 2016.

The Baie-Comeau Drakkar actually exchanged Saturday morning the second choice of the session against the Mooseheads the 7th, 16th and 24th selection of the session 2016, in addition to a first choice in 2017.

A transaction that has pleased McIsaac, obviously.

“I had heard the rumor about the Mooseheads and their interest in the second choice, but I waited to see my name on the board before feasting. I did not want to play in Baie-Comeau for personal reasons. In Halifax, I am happy and I am very grateful. ”

“Halifax has played his cards well by keeping the secret until the end, because Jared and I were not aware of the plans of the Mooseheads, says Groulx. This decision will only make the best team. ”

Like his new teammate, McIsaac recognizes the prestige of the organization.

“I refuse to put myself to the pressure on his shoulders even though I’m in the footsteps of Nathan Mackinnon or Jonathan Drouin, but I want to make my own name. The talent always ends up back to the surface. ”

“When I saw Drouin, Zachary Fucale Mackinnon and in the uniform of the Mooseheads, I noted how the organization was prestigious, said meanwhile Benoit-Olivier Groulx. Now it will be my turn to well represent the organization and I am very proud, even if I do not place myself in their category. I am a good player, but not as exceptional as they. ”

As Groulx, the second choice in 2017 wants to bring more punch to the attack Mooseheads.

“I intend to excel in both ends of the ice, score goals and play with passion! “He informs.

A memorable day

According Groulx, the day Saturday was one of the best of his life. “I had an amazing day. I’ll remember all my life, “says the son of the former coach of the Gatineau Olympiques, Benoit Groulx.

“I do not realize it yet, he said. I know it’s big. But later I’ll probably realize the importance of this day. ”

“I want to become stronger, faster and bigger. I have to keep improving and working out to impress the organization during the next training camp. I want to make an impact quickly counting purposes. I am a left-winger and I intend to carve out a position in this position this year. ”

Jocelyn Thibault, CEO of Phoenix

“We focused on the character and wanted to grow our team. One of our hole cards is probably Jacob Gravelin selected in the 6th round. Felip Bourdeau is my other favorite. I also selected six local players. I’m super proud of our choices and I enjoyed my first session Draft even though I’m tired now. ”

Alain Prefontaine, chief recruiter of Phoenix

“We had MacDonald fourth on our list and we were ready to take the risk to fish the tenth. This is exactly what happened. It will be a player selected in the NHL later. It also welcomes the coming of Blanchette and Tardif. You will see: Tardif good hands! ”

Olivier Crête-Belzile, 3rd round selection of the Phoenix

“I’m a little surprised because I was ranked highest and Phoenix had hardly spoken to me. In addition, Sherbrooke gave a choice of 3rd round and 5th round against 3rd round selections and sixth round in 2017 for me. I am happy! The walk will be high between the Midget AAA and the QMJHL. I cons by not wait to play against my brother Anthony Armada! ”

Justin Blanchette, second-round pick of the Phoenix

“I do not know anyone in the Phoenix, but I am very happy not away from my guesthouse in Magog, which was excellent with me. I feel very good about my net and I show character. However, I will try to work on my footwork this summer. ”

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