Grosso has revealed all the secrets of the closed wedding ceremony: “Cheap and cheerful”

Гросу раскрыла все тайны закрытой свадебной церемонии: "Дешево и сердито"

The wedding of Alina Grosu in Venice gathered a lot of stars

So, in his 24th birthday, June 8, the singer was taken aback the network statement – she is already married. As told by the artist, an important event in her life occurred in the first day of summer — June 1 the pair were married in a Moscow registry office. However, the wedding itself was held in Venice a few days ago.

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1.06.2019|Painting🔗 #PREMIERE #SOON #INVINCIBLE

A post shared by GROSU (@alina_grosu) on Jun 29, 2019 at 3:12am PDT

Alina has organized a lavish wedding, which was attended by famous actors and native people of the singer.

The wedding was held in the Italian town of Abano Terme, where gathered numerous guests. And the celebration took place in an old luxurious mansion Villa Arvedi (Villa Arvedi) in the suburbs of Verona. Only one Villa rental cost will provide you about 10 euros, and this despite the fact that the cost depends on the number of guests.

So, this time, Alina finally decided to see the video from her painting with her lover, who, she said, strongly supported it and even his family accepted her as their own.

“.06.2019|Painting🔗 #PREMIERE #SOON #INVINCIBLE”, – has signed a new movie Grosu, announcing a new song.

“Hello. You got married ?or is it a clip of the premiere of the song?”, “Congratulations! The painting was in Kiev?”, “A beautiful pair of sho and tell”, “Beautiful!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤”, “Wish you happiness😍”, “Super …congratulations to you , I wish you and family much happiness in the house…01.06.2019 we also painted was 💋 💋 ❤ it’s amazing”, “Pretty like that!😍”, “You look so much like🙌🙌 happiness You💕”.

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Also Grosu and Bilyk shared staff with the celebration. Earlier, Alina Grosu said that the change for the evening, two looks. However, the photo shows that the singer changed clothes three times. She was dressed in a splendid white dress that is extremely glaring. After that, Grosu wearing a more restrained dress ivory color, and at the end of the evening, was dressed in a dress with floral print.

Гросу раскрыла все тайны закрытой свадебной церемонии: "Дешево и сердито" Гросу раскрыла все тайны закрытой свадебной церемонии: "Дешево и сердито" Гросу раскрыла все тайны закрытой свадебной церемонии: "Дешево и сердито" Гросу раскрыла все тайны закрытой свадебной церемонии: "Дешево и сердито"

As reported, the girl also boasted to fans of the bachelorette, which is obviously staged immediately after the engagement with her lover.

We will remind, the other day Alina showed photos from their engagement, and also boasted a ring that her lover gave. Then the girl showed touching photo shoot in Prague with her lover. Now she decided to tell about how you met the groom, which she carefully concealed from the public, as it turned out, for four years.

Recall that explicit photos Grosu shook the network.

As reported Politeka, Alina has long been “don’t bee”.

Also Politeka were told that Katy Perry Breasts showed through the open neckline.