Groisman savagely framed Ukrainians, the EU imposed a strict ban: “money will not be”

Гройсман варварски подставил украинцев, Евросоюз ввел строгий запрет: "денег не будет"

The Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has found a way to hang on Ukrainians large debts putting themselves Savior

The journalist Alexander Dubinsky revealed the cunning scheme by which officials framed ordinary taxpayers. On this question in his new video blog.

The representative of the European Commission Hugh Mingarelli said that Ukraine did not use Euro 8 billion obtained as macro-financial assistance from the EU. “Before asking for more money, take first those that are available”, said the diplomat at the conference EU: Future Simple or Future Indefinite, organized by the European business Association.

Гройсман варварски подставил украинцев, Евросоюз ввел строгий запрет: "денег не будет"

As noted by Alexander Dubinsky, money intended to reduce the financial gap in the balance of foreign trade of Ukraine among the import and export of goods. The infusion of the European Union was to stabilize the hryvnia. But instead, Ukraine has lost a tremendous amount, without performing the set in front of her requirements. The European Parliament was asked to do electronic verification of declarations of National Agency for prevention of corruption, to introduce anti-corruption court and a multi-party parliamentary system. Now money from the EU will not.

“All this was not fulfilled. And 8 billion hryvnia — has lost. And it would be possible to finish these. Well Yes, the power — pid*race, did not want to work anti-corruption court, would not that Declaration was tested in the automatic mode, because n*Dili our money. And to quietly p*dit — refused 8 billion of europasi. But this is only the tip of the iceberg… the Situation is even more interesting,” — said Alexander Dubinsky.

Гройсман варварски подставил украинцев, Евросоюз ввел строгий запрет: "денег не будет"

According to the journalist, the current government is well-earned debt of Ukrainians. The Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova went to the exchange, issued Eurobonds and received money from the foreign market. That’s just a completely different interest. The European Commission gives Ukraine loans at 1.25% per annum. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance borrows money abroad at 10%, 13%, 14% per annum.

“And how can you earn money? It’s very simple. When is the Eurobond, there are so-called arrangers that help to do it, they charge Commission at 1% that sawing between the Ministry of Finance officials and those same organizers… 1% of one billion Euro is UAH 10 million. 8 billion — 80 million euros, which stupidly put it in my pocket… Saved, b*th, a country of over 80 million euros of personal money in offshore accounts… And we pay these debts even 10% you will pay”, — concluded Alexander Dubinsky.

Recall, Ukraine will reconsider the Association agreement with the EU after the fatal date.

As reported Politeka, European leaders responded to the victory Zelensky: “We would like…”.

Politeka also wrote that the EU explained the cancellation bezveza with Zelensky, the President.