Groisman pulled a crazy Scam fees: how much will have to overpay Ukrainians

Гройсман провернул сумасшедшую аферу с тарифами: сколько придется переплатить украинцам

“Naftogaz” together with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman blatantly Ukrainians lit with tariffs

As it became known, the acting Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman was preparing to “campaign deputies” and plans to break into the Parliament through parliamentary elections. According to Alexander Dubinsky, “he painted the image of a reformer hired American spin doctors who come up with new slogans, slogans and advise to be closer to the people”. But while his attempts fail.

A journalist recalled how the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva called the residents of Donbas, “scum”. The author equates the words of the official to the Prime Minister’s statement. Because Roar — “is a member of the Vinnytsia team, they were brought to Kyiv”. And it interferes with his boss to get closer to the Ukrainians.

Гройсман провернул сумасшедшую аферу с тарифами: сколько придется переплатить украинцам

Alexander Dubinsky welcomed the sudden weight loss Volodymyr Groysman. He believes changes in appearance of the Prime Minister symbolically. A top official seemed to have “blown away with the BPP”.

#Dubininskaya totals may 1 1. Groisman in new ways. Or as the Prime Minister prepares for parliamentary выборы2. KOBOLEV reduced for Ukrainians the price of gas. Ah, how they say.. ha.. don..3. In Exactly the hot water was turned off for nonpayment. Put boiler, Akhmetov on радость4. Apartment Zelensky in the Crimea. Annexed property президента5. In Russia — the detention on the March of may day BOOK:Подписывайтесь on my personal pageИли alternative account (NOW I am)В the telegram I’veМой YouTube here

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A loud outburst noted, and another member of the government team — Andriy KOBOLEV. The journalist said the head of “Naftogaz” on behalf of Vladimir Groisman has reduced tariffs for gas for the population on 300 hryvnias for cubic meter, it is deceiving the population. Instead of the promised decrease the Ukrainians will pay for komuslugi.

Гройсман провернул сумасшедшую аферу с тарифами: сколько придется переплатить украинцам

“The world market gas price with delivery to Europe with VAT at the exchange rate of the hryvnia is 6881. That is, 120 hryvnia, and it will be 7 thousand, and before the difference with rate, which is set to population, it turns 1370 UAH per thousand cubic meters of gas. As the money, where the money? As you know, n*sdatsa into the pockets of these rascals, which we endure on their shoulders for five years,” said Alexander Dubinsky.

It should be noted that on may 1, entered into force on utility reform, which includes changes in the utilities and the procedure for payment of utilities. In particular, we introduce quality control services to special commissions. Consumers can file complaints, for example, at a high enough hot water temperature or irregular waste disposal. For poor service you will not pay at all or pay in part, but for delay may be fined.

Recall that changes from may 1, Ukraine: municipal reform, the new fines and fees.

Politeka as reported, “Naftogaz” harshly punished for a debt trap even those who pay: the details of the scandal.

Also Politeka wrote that Groysman disclosed details of a secret meeting with Zelensky: “Has the right”.