Groisman caught for indecent: “put your hand in….”

Гройсмана застукали за неприличным: "Запустил руку в...."

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman this year managed to spend on advertising his government of 35.94 million hryvnias from the budget

It is reported by the public movement “Chesno”.

In the spring the government launched the slogan “Ukraine is not just a place on the map”, which promotes the state media. In parallel, the outer is for the Prime Minister hosts a public organization.

“The first is the use of administrative resources, the second bypass transparent rules of financing the activities of politicians. In Facebook Groisman advertises himself, and thanks to a little-known media and loyal communities like “GoGro”, — stated in the material.

Гройсмана застукали за неприличным: "Запустил руку в...."

According to the announcement of the tender on the website Prozorr, in 2019 the cost of printing the newspaper “governmental courier” amounted to 19.5 million. This is 5 million more than last year. Advertisement “the government,” housed in the special issue titled “Government news” and printed some of the money from the state budget. At the beginning of the year, the government announced that print a special issue with advertising Groisman spent 1.8 million hryvnia.

“Chesno” reported that in 2018 GP “newspaper “governmental courier” spent on the delivery of special issues with is “government,” to the readers of the 3.5 million. And from may to December for these services will pay almost double to 6.8 million.

In 2018 on billboards with the logo of the “government,” at the expense of taxpayers popularized the results of the reforms. In the spring of 2019, the logo remained, but there was another slogan: “Ukraine is not just a place on the map.” Under the terms of the tender, is paid from the state budget, will be hanging until the beginning of the parliamentary campaign. Its placement from April until the end of July will cost 13.4 million hryvnia. During this time is the government should demonstrate to 3 thousand of advertising space in Ukraine. The government bought billboards in an average of 1.1 thousand hryvnia for a Billboard.

Гройсмана застукали за неприличным: "Запустил руку в...."

It is also noted that this year the Cabinet was willing to pay for the publication of government advertising in the printed media, more than 4 million hryvnia. The tender was won by OOO “Media Hub”, which was asked of 2.3 million for the promotion of the government in 44 media. The term of the agreement from March 11 to 23 December 2019.

Recall, Groisman disgraced a statement about the salaries.

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