Gritsenko frankly told what he has Razumkov: “they Say that he’s my son, but…”

Гриценко откровенно рассказал, кем ему приходится Разумков: "Говорят, что он мой сын, но..."

The leader of “Civic position” Anatoly Gritsenko told in detail about his relationship with Vladimir Razumkov, who heads the party “servant of the people”

In the network appeared rumors that former presidential candidate and ally of current President Vladimir Zelensky are relatives. Anatoliy Hrytsenko commented on this information, the journalists of “Radio Liberty”.

Гриценко откровенно рассказал, кем ему приходится Разумков: "Говорят, что он мой сын, но..."

It should be noted that the policy has three children: Alexei, Svetlana and Anna. In addition, it raises Gleb Razumkov, the son of his wife Yulia Mostovoy, chief editor of the edition “Mirror of week” from her first marriage with the founder of the Ukrainian center for economic and policy research Alexander by Razumkov, who died in 1999. The policy before the meeting with Yulia was born son Dmitry, who now heads the party “servant of the people”. Some believe his stepson Anatoly Gritsenko.

In the program “Saturday interview”, he denied any kinship with Vladimir Razumkov. The leader of “citizenship” emphasized that the sons of Alexander Razumkov no close family ties. Therefore, to talk about family relations:

“Some networks require that he (Dmitri Razumkov — ed.) my son or someone says the stepson. It’s not true. Here Gleb Razumkov my son. Alexander Razumkov died. But it’s another branch of life Alexander Razumkov. And Gleb, and Dimitri. They never saw the same. Therefore, we are not relatives”, — explained Anatoly Gritsenko. He added that he saw Vladimir Razumkov all times. Di and — Studio of Ukrainian TV channels.

Гриценко откровенно рассказал, кем ему приходится Разумков: "Говорят, что он мой сын, но..."

Earlier Anatoly Gritsenko spoke about the coalition “Civic” and “public Servants”. In an interview to “Radio Freedom”, the politician said that he is ready obednitsa with the party of Vladimir Zelensky. But for this President needs to fulfill one important condition — to avoid big mistakes before the elections to the Verkhovna Rada and the formation of the new convocation of people’s deputies.

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“Yes, we are ready, provided that, if during this period will not made the strategic error of anti — state character,” he said. The politician stressed that he met with Vladimir Zelensky only once and is not going for re-appointment. Anatoly Gritsenko said that the President can always turn to him for help. “He knows my phone if he wants advice, I will gain, I will drop everything and help, as well as helped Poroshenko in the first stage, when it seemed that he listened.”

Recall Hrytsenko appealed to Zelensky with an urgent appeal: “as you can endure.”

As reported Politeka, the “Servant of the people” he revealed the salary of deputies: “you Can get into the pocket grandmother.”

Also Politeka wrote that Gritsenko smashed the intention Zelensky: “instead of having to perform…”.