Great heat for the official start of summer

1215573(Sherbrooke) The last time the mercury has risen so high at this time, according to Environment Canada, we were in 1906, it had 31.7 degrees Celsius. The heat was the appointment for the official start of the summer season.

Several Sherbrooke decided nevertheless to enjoy the sun and 31 degrees Celsius thermometer displayed while seeking cooler points.

The bikes and the riders did not pay attention to the heat and have mostly lingered blazing sun of the day. “You have to listen to your body. Usually I go to a gym, but with such a day, I could only go outside, “said Franceska Theriault, a little out of breath because of his race. The young woman said she took several breaks during his run for breath and see if your body keeps pace despite the heat.

You could see picnicking families, young children play in the grass and others simply enjoy the weather. “It’s always welcome, days like this,” says Céline Tousignant who brought his brother handicapped enjoy a dinner in the sun.

Catherine Baril, for its part, sees more shade since it can not go too long in the sun. It did, however, prevent reading a book on the lake and enjoy the weather.

The Lac des Nations was not quiet either. Young, Molly Bilodeau and Yisrael Poirier, bathed peacefully. “Water is good, it feels good,” said the girl. “I prefer coming here than going to the beach, there are fewer people,” says Yisrael.

Precautions on construction sites

Of the 45 some projects in progress everywhere in Sherbrooke, workers were to take seriously the risks caused by heatstroke.

The team of Health and Safety of the City of Sherbrooke issued earlier this week a notice of extreme heat. “The City is very proactive with regard to the risks on construction sites. Health and safety are in the foreground of our sites, and it includes heat stroke, “says Caroline Gravel, Director of the service of urban infrastructure and the environment.

Specific measures have been taken to ensure the welfare of workers. “Every half hour, workers have to stop to go to the shade and hydrated with bottled water provided by the City,” says Gravel.

It also invited all those present on the sites to be alert. “If a worker does not look good, you have to remove it, even if he does not feel the heat overwhelm. ”

Heats as those provided this week will necessarily slow down the progress because of the frequent stops of workers, even if everything is done in rotation.

As of Tuesday, the temperature should drop and recreate normal season.

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