Granit RCM: English for children in 14 municipalities OTJ

michael-couet-directeur-flotte-transport(LAC-MEGANTIC) For the 14 municipalities of the MRC du Granit recorded in summer entertainment service (SAE +) certification guaranteeing quality animation at OTJ, children will enjoy the English integration program their daily activities.

This advantage for these young people is made possible through a collaboration of labor Challenge 2025 Committee and the Economic Development Corporation of Granite, with weary Recreation MRC du Granit.

“Our recreation department keeps track of animation teams in the OTJ because young people who become leaders have an obligation to follow the DAFA training or the degree of ability to host functions, showing their to make an animated calendar and helps organize “began Marielle Fecteau, prefect for the MRC du Granit.

“It’s also a very good way to ensure health and safety for the trays. There are established criteria SAE + monitors, for the OTJ the safest possible. MRC is spied upon by the rest of the province, because we are among the first to adopt this certification. ”

Several private companies and some municipalities of the MRC du Granit have contributed financially to the project. Their contribution enabled receiving a total of $ 6,800 for its creation and its integration with animation services.

“This program was created by professionals in the teaching of English of the MRC du Granit. The main objective is that children are learning this language, while continuing their activities and games planned for the day camp. Facilitators will give the program during the eight weeks of the camp, for an hour every day. A different theme each week will learn basic English words to children, topics such as colors, numbers, verbs, the human body, emotions, prepositions, and food issues “listed Cyndia Lacasse , development Officer – business services, the Commission scolaire des Hauts-Cantons (CSHC).

“This is a concrete action to increase the knowledge of English in the region. Companies in the region have given it difficult to recruit bilingual workforce. ”

“The command of English as a second language for the next generation is an asset for both the future workforce for our community and the long-term sustainability of our businesses.

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