Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie: Bonnardel pleased with his performance

depute-granby-francois-bonnardel-compagnie(Montreal) at its fifth participation in the Grand Defi Pierre Lavoie, Francois Bonnardel does not hide his satisfaction. The MP caquiste Granby traveled 625 km on the 1000 account that the challenge.

“At 48, the machine still inside, laughing it in an interview Sunday. We were lucky, the temperature was on our side. It is a unique challenge, there’s nothing that it leans in North America. I’m proud of my performance. ”

The second step, which connects the Bay Baie-Saint-Paul, is the one that gave him most of trouble because of the mythical rise of Ha! Ha !, long 1.7 km and above 17% incline … “It was the queen stage, the more difficult by Pierre Lavoie. And he was right! Me, it stung me in my pride when he said that half of the cyclists were going to put your foot down. I would not be one of them and I managed to pass through the “says the MP.

The caquiste was again part of the team of the National Assembly brings together MPs from all parties, or Marie-Claude Nichols (PLQ, Vaudreuil-Soulanges), Sébastien Schneeberger (CAQ, Drummond-Bois-Francs) Stephane Billette (PLQ Huntingdon), and Sylvain Page (PQ, Labelle).

“It’s been great. My colleague PLQ Marie-Claude Nichols was in its first edition and it has done that, she had no problem, “he says.

Pedaling night also featured its share of challenges for François Bonnardel. “It was quite cold so we think less hydrated and you never know if you have enough layers, he says. We also had to change clothes regularly to be warm. “Lack of sleep also played in his performance.

Over the years, the member for Granby believes, however, that its shape and strength improve.

The cyclist was collecting funds this year for primary school Joseph-Poitevin. He has a habit of raising between $ 6,000 and 8,000 per issue, but “would be on track to exceed it.” “People can continue to give this summer, he said. The final amount will be unveiled this fall. ”

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