Grand dуfi Pierre Lavoie: big test to start

pierre-lavoie-depart-1000km-editionThe rise of the coast of Lake Ha! Ha! will show off all the colors the 350 cyclists who will be the first stage of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie (GDPL). The kickoff of the eighth edition will be given Thursday at 18h at the cruise ship dock of the Bay. The cyclists will head to Baie-Saint-Paul and Cote-de-Beaupre for the first day.

This eighth edition of 1,000 kilometers of bicycle should allow for an experience both incredible and painful for the most seasoned of the bunch on the road 381. Delegates athletes have had time to warm up to forty kilometers before see the two monsters.

They will want to excel in order to reach the top, but will have to keep the energies because they will still have another 80 kilometers to go in the park Galette to rally the longest stage of GDPL (125 km).

“The first ascent was a drop of 14 percent. And the second is 17 percent. They are glued and are 1.7 km. It will be a challenge for all who are in this stage, “says Pierre Lavoie.

To add to the challenge, the instigator of the event offers a beer to all who climb to the top without setting foot on land and without tack. He does not believe that it will cost him a fortune.

“I think there should be between 100 and 125 cyclists will arrive at the top. The others will finish on foot beside their bikes, “he believes.

First Quebecer to have completed the Tour de France, David Veilleux have no doubt it will be an interesting challenge, but no way comparable to one of the steps of the famous French cycling tour.

“No, it can not compare to the Tour de France, notably due to the preparation and upgrades that we have to do. But that said, I am convinced it will be a very interesting challenge, “says David Veilleux, in an interview with The Daily.

“I’ve never done the coast of Lake Ha! Ha! But I know it will not be easy. This will probably the most difficult stage in the history of GDPL. There will actually two major climbs, but there will be all the way before, which is made of faux amounts dishes and other upgrades. It will require a constant effort and cyclists will have to keep the energy to reach the top and on both sides to complete the stage, “mentioned professional cyclist.

Participants will deploy energy and strength during this step. Pierre Lavoie believes he needs 400 watts of energy to get there.

To understand what that means, Pierre Lavoie reached this energy when traveling at 45 kilometers per hour on the flat. For the same power, in the coast of Lake Ha! Ha! He will pedal to seven or eight km / h.

“It will be difficult, very difficult. But I wanted to go through it. I wanted to show the village of Ferland-et-Boilleau and Lake Ha! Ha! . This is one of the most beautiful places in Quebec. The view that we have at the top of the climb is fantastic, “said Pierre Lavoie.

The rest of the hike will not be easy. Towards the end of the journey, there are many raids and cyclists should be extra careful to avoid falls.

After a stop at Baie-Saint-Paul, cyclists will ride to the Cote-de-Beaupre to spend the night.

The 41 formations of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Grand défi Pierre Lavoie (GDPL) do not have to fear for their participation in the future. The organization would like however they recruit cyclists from outside, about giving a little breath to other charitable groups.

Recently, Pierre Lavoie left see that there were too many regional teams (41 of 205) in GDPL. He talked about the possibility of a draw to determine the training.

Before the start of the eighth edition, Mr. Lavoie wanted to be reassuring.

“It’s official, I will not draw. Existing teams do not have to be afraid because they have their place. By cons, what I would like is that regional go look for a cyclist or two outside. And it might even be a Cornflower, because there are 275 000 outside the region. ”

“It would pick up some money and also relieve the region financially. It could give some air to other organizations trying to get sponsored. Because there is not as lactic acidosis and GDPL that are important to me, there are others. And it hurts my heart to make me say that other groups do not harvest much, “he says.

Of the 205 riders from 41 regional teams, 181 are from the region.

good weather

Moreover, after weeks of rain and cold weather, cyclists will finally roll in the sun and heat.

“And I can say that will change the whole dynamic. It will bring good mood, it will appear on the home also “continues Pierre Lavoie.

It welcomes the arrival of good weather, particularly in the second day of GDPL while cyclists will ride the stage between Côte-de-Beaupré and Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier.

“It will be a watershed. We will greet and pass near the 29 primary schools students on the course. It will be a very strong link between the 1000 km and children who fuck for energy cubes. All this is our values, “adds Pierre Lavoie.

Moreover, it states that several disadvantaged schools in Quebec will receive substantial financial support from the teams entered the GDPL.

“And the amount that will be presented this year should be higher than in previous years,” he notes.

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