Granby Zoo: a popularity that continues unabated

president-conseil-administration-serge-bernier(Granby) Two new records were shattered en2015 at the Granby Zoo. More than 670 000 people passed through the turnstiles, as opposed to 667,000 the previous year, and an overall surplus of $ 4.3 million was recorded, said Wednesday the general manager, Paul Gosselin, and the president of the board of Directors, Serge Bernier.

“It’s fun to talk about record, but this is a record that is a necessity to meet the needs of the organization,” said Mr. Bernier to the media, as part of a meeting preceding the annual General meeting in the evening.

“I remember that receives no subsidy (for operations). It must be autonomous. It is necessary for all projects we wish to achieve. Just annual projects, there are millions that we invest every year. There’s a part that finance, but there are also some that comes from our surplus, “added the president of ca.

According to Paul Gosselin, the overall surplus of $ 4.3 million is explained by the traffic on the rise, but also by tighter control of expenses for two years. “The zoo, like any business, has a sound management challenge,” notes Serge Bernier.

With a number of annual visitors steadily increasing, administrators and “for the sake of managing spikes” that is to say, to spread traffic outside the peak summer season, as during Halloween and winter, says the CEO. And it pays off. Winter 2015-2016 saw an unprecedented traffic.


According to Paul Gosselin, the year 2015 was profitable for the Zoo on several levels. The weather was favorable, especially in the second portion of the summer. The new home of Japanese macaques received a warm welcome. Partnerships with Import Dragon, rides for the park, and in a garden, to the foaming basin, have been successful. Education activities for their part, saw an increase. Same thing for the corporate component, while 168 various events were held at the Zoo, lists the dg.

The activities of research and conservation of the Granby Zoo, whether the Miner Boisés in Granby or the Campo Ma’an Park in Cameroon, allowing the institution to stand out more and to position in the scientific community . The North American premiere of cesarean birth of two leopard cubs of Love in 2015 and the broadcast of a report in Discovery on the subject have greatly contributed, said Mr. Gosselin. “It’s a enlignement we take and for which it is desired to be known more and more,” he adds.

A refreshing summer

In 2016, the Zoo will also continue to invest in different conservation and research projects. Visitors, themselves, can discover the novelty of the year: three new water slides and river Cunucunoma improved. Some $ 3 million has been invested in this project. The colorful facilities waterslides are now visible to the David-Bouchard Boulevard and instill a summer air sector.

From 16 July to 14 August, Zoo opening hours will be extended to 20 hours. Various measures will also be put forward to reduce the waiting time at peak periods, such as the establishment of express counters and selling tickets online, said Paul Gosselin.

According to Serge Bernier, the Board has also engaged in an exercise of strategic thinking. In the process, the website will be revised and improved. A new custom subscriptions formula for groups of four or more persons has also been developed.

The Zoo will officially open its seven over seven days doors May 21 Amazoo will follow from June 4 In 2015, 735 people worked at the tourist attraction, with 545 students. Statistics that delighted the president of the board of directors. About half of the students are in their first job. “We have a social mission to train, develop and empower young people. They are our ambassadors of tomorrow, “said Mr. Bernier.

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