Granby: the decorated detective Yann Briand

agent-yann-briand-ete-recompense(Granby) Protect and Serve: this is the oath taken by officers who are about to start their careers. Detective Yann Briand, the Granby Police Department, has delivered. His bravery was rewarded by his peers in a ceremony Monday at the Ecole nationale de police du Quebec.

May 16 marks the annual day of recognition police, held for the tenth year by the Ministry of Public Security. For the occasion, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy and Minister of Public Safety, Martin Coiteux, decorated 25 people, including 13 police officers, who have distinguished themselves by performing heroic deeds.

Briand The agent, who was awarded a medal for meritorious, is honored for going to the rescue of four people during a violent fire in the late evening, February 11, 2015.

That evening, Yann Briand was called to go to the fire scene, Laurie street. First arrived there, he found that the occupants are still inside the residence in flames. “Two facades were completely inflamed and also the roof was burning, he recalls. I do not ask me questions I got home. ”

In all, four people, including one moving in a wheelchair, are trapped in the inferno. The access ramp allowing the individual disabled from escaping also being in flames, he can not get out by himself.

Lieutenant Briand was able to help the victims to get out just before the event takes an even more dramatic turn. “We evacuated with the resources we had … When we got out with the person in a wheelchair, there was fire over his head, he recalls. Moments later, everything fell apart. ”

The intervention of 25 firefighters were needed to tackle the fire.

The victims were then taken over by the Red Cross. The man disabled for his part was taken to hospital as a precaution because his condition required a continuous supply of oxygen. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Briand continued its work in alienating citizens from the blaze and evacuate a nearby residence.

After the disaster, the house proved to be a total loss. More than $ 200,000 of damage was caused and the outer shell of the two adjacent homes were damaged by the heat.


“Through his professionalism and his best judgment, Detective Yann Briand managed to rescue four people from the flames, a person with reduced mobility. On behalf of the Government of Quebec and the people, I thank him, “said Minister Coiteux at the ceremony.

It is with great humility that police Granby received the distinction. He admits that such honor pleases. “That was part of my job to go to the rescue (of these people), he said. That’s what counts. But it’s nice and appreciated to receive a medal for meritorious action. ”

“Sometimes people are not aware of the danger. The safety of people is always what is most important when working, said Briand agent. Every second is important, so we try to act as quickly as possible. ”

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