Granby radiates Farnborough

eric-tessier-directeur-developpement-industriel(Granby) Slowly but surely, the Granby aeronautics pole positions, not only in Quebec, but also internationally. The presence of Éric Tessier, director of industrial development within the organization Granby Industrial, the international air show in Farnborough evidenced.

“It’s a long process. This is the second year that we are more aggressive in aeronautics. We must maintain our presence. It begins to bear fruit. Our aviation hub was unknown to many people, even in Quebec. That stage, it is now the cross, it is now to ensure our reputation, “said Mr. Tessier yesterday in La Voix de l’Est, while he was at Farnborough, the UK. Ongoing since Monday, vocational portion of the event ends on Friday.

Granby residents two company representatives Atlas Aeronautik are also on site. But it was impossible to reach them. Avior, which has facilities Vadnais Street in Granby, is also present, but through employees of its Montreal plant.

“Granby takes its place in aviation. The composition of the industrial city is best known in terms of supply chain. It will allow us to welcome companies, both outsourcer or rows of one or two suppliers (Tier-1, Tier-2), who realize that by coming in Granby, it can be a journey Pay a one stop shop where they can receive services and work with several companies, either in metal, composite, plastic and others, “said Eric Tessier.


If the Paris Air Show in France has a greater extent in terms of exhibitors and visitors, according to the director of industrial development, that of Farnborough is still one of the “most important shows in the world in the aviation industry.”

Each of the meetings carried out there is important, said Eric Tessier. “It allows us to meet with federal trade commissioners or Quebec trade commissioners who are stationed abroad. This is a unique opportunity because they are all gathered there. I was even able to present Granby Philippe Couillard and Dominique Anglade, who were there earlier this week, “he says.

The director of industrial development claims to have also had the opportunity to meet with leaders of foreign companies with whom contacts had already been established or other, news, which in the medium term, would gain a foothold in North America. “We have to convince them to locate in Quebec and particularly in Granby,” says Éric Tessier.

Even meetings with other Quebec companies may be important. “You can promote to companies already Granby in Quebec that could have expansion plans,” he argues.

In short, it is possible to make “a stone several times” in this type of event, said the director of industrial development.

however, followed that will be made in return will make a difference. Éric Tessier is hopeful of having impacts of its actions. “There are discussions with several companies to accommodate them. It will remain to monitor and coordinate agendas. But I would say that during the fall and next winter, certainly we will surely accommodate aerospace companies, “says Tessier.

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