Granby needs a superclinique, said Bonin

y-villes-regions-mis-main(Granby) The mayor of Granby, Pascal Bonin, urges local doctors to develop a draft superclinique, as announced this week by the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette. The community needs such a project. And quickly dropped Thursday mayor.

“We have a problem. It almost 8000 patients without a family doctor in our area. (…) We have an aging population with more people aged 65 and more than 15 years old. It also has a renowned hospital for his excessively long wait. With superclinique, could receive patients with four and five codes, which bring relief to the emergency and allow people to receive care, “says Pascal Bonin.

It responded to the article published Thursday in our pages where the president of the Association of General Practitioners of Yamaska, Dr Jacques Bergeron, welcomes the superclinique program and says that a project could be on the table by the end of summer. At the same time, however, Mr. Bergeron puts a damper on the operation would have this clinic with some of the constraints imposed by Quebec. The manager of one of four Family Medicine Group (FMG) of Granby also reacted prudently.

“I am very disappointed to see how the file is processed. We do not feel, through the articles, they (doctors) have the taste to move quickly to action. We do not feel the sense of urgency. I feel that we dropped. Definitely, “says Pascal Bonin.

The mayor says not question the professionalism and skills of physicians. But, in his view, it is important to act. Right now. The issue of financial risks which could be borne by doctors to put a clinic on foot is not a valid reason to stop the project, according to Pascal Bonin. “I do not admit that tells us things as they take financial risk to build a superclinique. Do not take us for idiots, either, “said the mayor.


Pascal Bonin also concerned that superclinique opened elsewhere in the region, rather than Granby. “All bodies are making efforts for Granby, regional city, and the MRC, remain attractive. (…) The doctors are part of the equation in the attraction of the city, “he said.

“There are already some cities and regions that have a hand in the dough. Are we going to wait for 50 (supercliniques that will be implemented by 2018) are built to go next? “, He adds.

Pascal Bonin said that the population of Granby has demonstrated over the years its commitment to the Granby Hospital, particularly through fundraising for the foundation.

“The community needs them. If two-thirds of the doctors gave the superclinique hours, that would be saved hours to the emergency. It would be a chance to help yourself, “calculates the mayor.

This one will even question the method of remuneration for doctors, which could ensure that they have “no taste to see more” (of patients).

Pascal Bonin nevertheless reaches out to health professionals. “They have an important role in our community and they must take responsibility. (…) This press they start to work, “he said.

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