Grad large asteroids will wipe Ground into powder after the fatal date

Град крупных астероидов сотрет Землю в порошок: названа роковая дата

Millions of giant asteroids with a diameter of 50 meters and above at breakneck speed dash to the Ground, causing 1 September come to an end

This writes Glavred.

This is indicated by the astrologers. While ufologists declared that the day of knowledge-destroying Nibiru is planning an attack on the earthlings.

We will note, according to scientists, August 31, 2019, the sky will be “stuffed” rocks from space, and the next day, September 1, they are massively plunk on our planet. A hail of asteroids will turn the Ground into mush.

Град крупных астероидов сотрет Землю в порошок: названа роковая дата

Scientists explain that the entire Solar system is in the bowl, the walls of which are composed of asteroids. This sphere is called the Oort cloud. Now, the asteroids in it are miles apart. Occasionally they slip under the influence of the Sun’s magnetic field and enter the Solar system, but this is not EN masse.

But after late July, past the Earth was swept by a rather large fireball, the scientists panicked. The problem is that it are unable to determine in advance the instruments to NASA and other space agencies.

Град крупных астероидов сотрет Землю в порошок: названа роковая дата

It turns out that scientists have been unable to get a full picture of the Earth approaching numerous comets. Alternative astronomers often report what they see in space one or another unidentified object, but their readings are not always taken into account.

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It turned out that the Oort cloud has started to taper off around our planet. This is indicated by a sharp increase in meteor activity.

At the same time, Nasa experts say that the Oort cloud is extremely close to the solar system no earlier than 20 thousand years, reports vistanews.

But that’s not all. Sinister planet Nibiru death, according to ufologists, is also preparing an attack on Earth. Experts in the field of space exploration insist that 1 Sep Nibiru will destroy the Earth poison bombs and gassing the inhabitants of the Earth neuroparalitical gases.

Recall that Nibiru disappeared from radar, scientists were stunned by the discovery.

As reported Politeka, the planet Nibiru will hit the Earth a powerful blow, scientists are sounding the alarm.

Also Politeka wrote that Nibiru has launched a devastating weapon, scientists are sounding the alarm.