“Got Boobs”: popular medicine changed man for life

"Выросла грудь": популярные лекарства изменили мужчину на всю жизнь

The American grew Breasts after he started taking neuroleptic drugs for several years

Now the victim already went to court and forced the company to pay several billion dollars for such a side effect.

26-year-old Nicholas Murray filed a lawsuit against the company, which claimed that the company Johnson & Johnson that produces drugs that are not warned him of the side effect of the drug which he took for several years. It turned out that during this time he developed a disease gynecomastia which led to breast enlargement.

"Выросла грудь": популярные лекарства изменили мужчину на всю жизнь

It should be noted that the court, he won and ordered us to pay him 8 billion. This decision was made by the Grand jury in Philadelphia. However, in J&J are not going to pay that kind of money and promised to appeal the decision.

"Выросла грудь": популярные лекарства изменили мужчину на всю жизнь

Recall also, on the border with Russia have registered a case of epidemic threat propagating.

Two people died from the bubonic plague in the province of Bayan-ölgii in Mongolia:

“To date, in the province of Bayan-ölgii have a quarantine and a number of measures to eliminate and prevent the spread of infections,” — said in the report.

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"Выросла грудь": популярные лекарства изменили мужчину на всю жизнь

The bubonic plague caused by infection by the bacterium carried a parasite on the marmots or rats with fleas that can spread from person to person, according to local veterinarians.

Deadly epidemic once killed a quarter of the inhabitants of the Earth. It is known that in the 14th century, destroyed half of Europe the Bubonic plague, was transmitted by air. Today, scientists believe that people infected each other.

Recall of the dangerous virus decimated the country: “from the beginning of the year 800 deaths”

As reported Politeka, an ecological disaster drove people to despair under the Dnieper.

Politeka also wrote that fire disaster looms over Kiev declared emergency hazard.