Gorbunov showed winnik in torn shirt

Ukrainian TV presenter Yury Gorbunov congratulated the singer Oleg Vinnik happy birthday.

Горбунов показал Винника в рваной рубашке

Ukrainian TV presenter Yury Gorbunov shared on Instagram a snapshot with the singer Oleg Vinnik, in which he depicted in a torn shirt.

“Today our friend, the famous singer, which is perfectly played in the movie “Crazy marriage” (this photo, by the way, from the set) birthday! Even if you have later in life everything will be cool!” – he wrote.

Today, our friend,naivas space,that Chudovo shrew in FLM “Skujene wedding music”(TSE photo, by the way,zi znamennogo the marketplace) Day narodzhennya!!let them in you I Nadal in it’s going to be great!!! #skatewheels #kageneko #mikrosamoletah

Publication of Yuriy Gorbunov (@gorbunovyuriy) July 31, 2018 at 2:37 PDT

1 July 2018 Oleg Vinnik is 45 years. Solo career in Ukraine, he started in 2011. Previously he worked in Germany, sang in the musicals “Les Miserables” and “Elizabeth”. Now winnick gives not less than 150 concerts per year

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