Gorbachev himself: the first details of the tragedy

Горбачев застрелился: первые подробности трагедии

The tragedy with Gorbachev occurred in the suburbs

It became known that Alexander Gorbachev had committed suicide. About it write the Russian mass media. To irreparable, may have caused scandal with his wife.

Alexander Gorbachev was a senior sudebnymi bailiff. Militiamen already managed to report that a man shot from a hunting rifle:

“He was acting chief in the town of Domodedovo, Russia”, — referred to in one of the messages of the media. It is known that the tragedy occurred on October 5, Saturday at his home. It is also known that the deceased was 48 years, male on the eve of a quarrel with his wife and threatened to kill her:

“…Shot her, but not wounded, and then shot himself in the head” — write some of the sources in the media. Now law enforcement officers understand what happened really.

Горбачев застрелился: первые подробности трагедии

We will remind also, earlier it terrible commotion staged is known in the region officials.

The commander of the local police and the Deputy head of the provincial Council made a stir – fierce showdown resulted in casualties.

The tragedy occurred in Baghlan province, Afghanistan. There the commander of police of the city of Pol-e-khomri and the Deputy head of the provincial Council started the shootout in which killed people. The case is now under special control of the interior Ministry created a special Commission, which is investigating the incident.

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Later it became known that both officials were seriously injured during the shooting. It is also known that killed the brother of the commander of the police force of the aforementioned town. According to local militiamen, the doctors pronounced him dead men at the scene – his lifeless body was carried away from the scene of the incident, then began to assist the wounded.

Горбачев застрелился: первые подробности трагедии

We will remind, the bus with tourists was blown up in Egypt, everywhere the shrapnel and blood: scenes of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka in the capital, the chaos began: snipers shooting indiscriminately, all in the fire.

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