Google openly humiliated Putin

Google открыто унизил Путина

Online explained, due to persistent attempts of Vladimir Putin to unplug Russia from the Internet

Internet users explained why the Russian government wants to shut off the country from the global Internet. Someone noticed that if the search engine Google to write the word “s***about”, he will give photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was written in a Twitter user foreign Rossi.

“If when you type the word “s***about” search engine Google has given your photo, you would turn off the Internet”, — stated in the message.

Google открыто унизил Путина

Users immediately began to scan the message and confirmed that the search engine is really a associate of Vladimir Putin with that word.

“Yandex too, by the way,” say the users.

People also noticed that the photos of the Russian President issued and when writing that word in Latin letters.

Google открыто унизил Путина

“I just specifically checked. Well PPC. Vova became famous all over the world”, “It has long been the master of the word,” write the people.

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Google открыто унизил Путина Google открыто унизил Путина Google открыто унизил Путина


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