Google Maps helped solve high-profile case 20 years ago: “found in a pond”

Google Maps помог раскрыть резонансное дело 20-летней давности: "нашли в пруду"

Thanks to Google Maps Florida USA found the remains of a local resident William Moldt missing 7 November 1997

He was able to find after Google maps noticed his car lying in a pond, reports the BBC.

40-year-old Mold went missing after a party in Lantana. After his disappearance, the police launched an investigation but were unable to find a man.

Car Malta found on satellite images in the street Moon Bay Cir in Wellington, about 30 miles from Lantana. The car in the pond noticed a former resident of this street. He told the current owner of the house, near which was the car. He removed the reservoir from the quadrocopter and then called the police. In the car found human remains. A week later it turned out that they belong to William Molto.

Google Maps помог раскрыть резонансное дело 20-летней давности: "нашли в пруду"

The County Sheriff’s office palm beach reported that Mold, while driving, allegedly lost control and drove into the pond.

In the message online database of unsolved cases in The Charley Project says that the car was visible on the cards since 2007, but until 2019 nobody is paying attention. It is not so: for the first time the car has become noticeable in 2017.

Note that in the United States in one of the shops found the body of his worker, which has been 10 years.

According to investigators, 28 Nov Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada climbed onto the fridge in the shop to smoke and to be alone, but could not resist and fell into a narrow gap between the equipment, where to get out independently not could. Not it turned out he had to shout to colleagues who simply did not hear him because of the noise.

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Google Maps помог раскрыть резонансное дело 20-летней давности: "нашли в пруду"

The guy the cops were after all these years. Until one day the new owners of the building moved the fridge and saw the mummified body.

The autopsy showed no signs of violence, and the death was ruled accidental.

We will remind, the restaurant found a dead body that has lain for 25 years.

We also wrote, the corpse of a young Ukrainian woman our in the river.

Even politeka reported that a corpse with a strange note, spent a month in the city centre.