Google has dedicated a Doodle “English Voltaire”

Samuel Johnson made a significant contribution to the development of literature.

Google has dedicated a Doodle Samuel Johnson, English literary critic, lexicographer and poet of the Enlightenment.

Exactly 308 years ago, on 18 September 1709 he was born in the family of a petty trader in the UK Litchfield.

The success the writer has achieved, despite the poverty and lack of connections, and the presence of congenital Tourette syndrome, characterized by tics.

Johnson was the first who made a dictionary of the English language, which took nine years. The dictionary came out in 1755 and still has not lost value.



In the Preface of which Johnson wrote the works of William Shakespeare, he expressed new and different from dominant in those days, the view of the law of dramatic art.

In another work “the Biography of the most important English poets” he introduced new terms that become common, for example, the poetry of metaphysics.

In the English speaking world, his name became synonymous with the second half of the 18th century, when literature developed rapidly. Contemporaries spoke about the extraordinary talent jensonusa paradoxical wit, which was compared with Socrates.

He was also named the English Voltaire, the great philosopher francissen because they akazili a significant impact on the minds of his contemporaries.


Quotes Of Samuel Johnson

– Author favorably to his book not only praised, but also criticized, because the glory is like the ball being moved across the grid; so the ball fell to the ground, you need to beat on him from both sides.

– Good intentions paved the road to hell.

– Brilliant history is rarely completely truthful.

– Politeness is one of those qualities that you can appreciate only after experiencing the discomfort of its absence.

The pride of knowing that you trust the secret, the main reason for its disclosure.

The law is the highest expression of human wisdom, using the experience of people for the benefit of society.

– As a rule, the man is nicer to see covered to the dinner table, than to hear his wife speak Greek.

Commerce is the child of fortune, inconstant and deceitful, like a mother.

– Best test nation in civilization – how a nation takes care of its poor.

– People do not perceive the error which you’re not.

– It is necessary to be idiot to write not for the money.

Is our first duty to serve society.

– Some they choose themselves wives watch, hoping to command them, and always wrong.

– He was new and stupid, and so many found him great.

– Basic human dignity – the ability to confront himself.

– Patriotism – the last refuge of scoundrels.

Meeting the circle of Dr. Johnson

– For some reason the world is so constituted that about freedom the loudest scream overseers of blacks.

– That’s how the life that we are happy only the anticipation of change; the change means nothing to us; they just happened, and we’ve been hankering for a new one.

– Keep your secret is wisdom, but to expect that it will keep others, is stupid.

– People will submit to any power that will free them from the tyranny of self-will and randomness.

– What is the history of mankind, as not very long story about Neoplatonist intentions and unfulfilled expectations?

– The one who waits for a convenient moment to perform a good deed, never make anything good.

– A good conversation – this is, the details of which the next day are forgotten.

– Once we receive all the necessary, as we do, in spite of our will, is artificial appetite.

– The ability to see the positive side of every event is worth more than a thousand pounds a year.

– How negligible human heart that can enforce laws or kings!

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