Good idea for the future for single women

Idea for single women!

At 68 years of age, was left alone. At first, she did not want to live. Oppressive emptiness of two-bedroom apartment brought a woman in despair. Ira was never a supporter of suicide, and then she found another way. For many years, Ira had suffered with diabetes, and have now decided to use this diagnosis myself in the “good”.

In large quantities the woman proceeded to destroy a variety of sweets, the former under the ban. With confidence she was expecting a predictable result. But to the surprise of Irina, sugar remained normal.

Хорошая идея на будущее для одиноких женщин

Son and his family for many years lived in another country. Daughter-in-law she saw three times, her granddaughter five times. It would be possible to them, slowly name, but a foreign world, a foreign language, strangers seemed worse than death.

— Married out, advised friends, — not one, not live to retire. And introduced Irina with different older men who gave her only one feeling — emetic. However, the loneliness was unbearable. And the Ira gave an ad in social networks:

“I invite for joint survival of older lonely lady.”

Хорошая идея на будущее для одиноких женщин

For 8 years now, her apartment is a daily occasion. Three elderly, well-groomed, cheerful beauties celebrate their existence. They joined their lives, their pensions, their interests. They have car, house, decent money for the rented apartment of two friends.

They are Nordic walking sticks worn in the Park, swim in the pool, running around the theaters, exhibitions, concerts, taking guests and twice a year have a rest on the best resorts. And they never fight.

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