Gone from the life of the man, the legend: “We will miss him”

Ушел из жизни человек-легенда: "Нам будет его не хватать"

Died a famous Austrian racer, three-time Formula 1 world champion

Yesterday, may 20, aged 70 years, died the legendary Niki Lauda. About it reports Deutsche Welle with reference to the lawyer and representative of the family of the rider.

“With deep sorrow we announce that beloved Nicky left us on Monday, may 20, 2019. His unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur will remain forever. His untiring zest for life, his straightforwardness and courage remain a role model for all of us. Away from public life, he was a loving and caring husband, father and grandfather. We will miss him,” — said in a family statement Lauda.

Since last July, Lauda was a serious health problem. He was hospitalized with suspected flu, but then he needed a lung transplant. Lately Laude performed kidney dialysis in Switzerland.

During his career in the “Formula 1” Niki Lauda had 171 race, winning 25. Three times he won the title of world champion in 1975 and 1977, years for the team “Ferrari” and in 1984-the year for “McLaren”. In recent years he was engaged in business.

In August 1976 the race on Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, Lauda spent 55 seconds in the burning Ferrari, getting burns and inhaling toxic fumes. Health damage caused irreparable, the face remained visible scars. However, the driver managed to recover and continued my career through 42 days after the accident. Lauda finished in “Formula-1” in 1985. Since 2012, he served as non-Executive Director of the team “Mercedes”.

In 2013 came the film “Race”, devoted to the confrontation between the two pilots “Formula 1”: the Englishman James hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda.

Ушел из жизни человек-легенда: "Нам будет его не хватать"

Starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel brühl.

Ушел из жизни человек-легенда: "Нам будет его не хватать"

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As reported Politeka, there is information about the status of a legendary racer.

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