Gone from the life of the iconic British actor: “his films are watched all”

Ушел из жизни культовый британский актер: "его фильмы смотрели все"

Died legendary actor, the fame of which had roles in the films of Director David Lynch

English actor of theatre, film and television Freddie Jones died after a short illness in the UK. He was 91.

Frederick “Freddie” Charles Jones was born 12 September 1927 in the UK. Before on the advice of friends to try out for acting, he worked as a clerk, a consumer electronics retailer and a pianist in the pub. Freddie Jones made his debut as an actor in 1960, then received 215 roles in movies and TV series. Great fame actor earned through participation in the films of David Lynch.

Ушел из жизни культовый британский актер: "его фильмы смотрели все"

Among Depardieu Jones: the series “the Avengers”, “Holy”, “treasure Island” 1968, “the Satanic rites of Dracula”, “Old bloodsucker”, “the elephant Man”, “dune” and “Wild at heart” by David Lynch, “Young Sherlock Holmes” “the Return of Sherlock Holmes” and “Files of Sherlock Holmes”, “Erik the Viking” by Terry Jones and many others.

Three sons Jones went in his father’s footsteps and become stars of the world cinema: Toby and Casper are actors, and Rupert Jones is a writer and Director.

Ушел из жизни культовый британский актер: "его фильмы смотрели все"

Earlier it was reported that he died an American actor Max Wright, best known for the role of Willie Tanner in the popular Comedy television series “Alf”. Willie — the father of the family, which settled funny alien.

In 1995, Wright was diagnosed with lymphoma. He underwent treatment, and then entered a period of significant improvement. However, to completely cure the disease and failed. The actor passed away June 26 at his home in California at the age of 75 years.

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Note, in 2017, Wright lost his wife, Linda, mother of two of his children, whom he married in 1965. She died from breast cancer.

Ушел из жизни культовый британский актер: "его фильмы смотрели все"

In addition to “alpha”, Wright has appeared in such TV shows as “WKRP in Cincinnati”, “Buffalo bill”, “Show Normal”, and also played a cameo role for Terry, the owner of the café “Central Perk” in the first two seasons of the sitcom “Friends”. Before and after the famous Comedy “Alf” Max Wright was primarily a theater actor.

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