Gone from the life of the famous writer: “a huge loss” the doctors were powerless

Ушел из жизни знаменитый писатель: «огромная потеря», врачи были бессильны

Wednesday, July 17, it became known about the death of world famous writer who was known and loved by all

About it reports The Guardian.

“Italian writer novelist Andrea Camilleri died on 94-m to year of life. In June the information appeared on the hospitalization of the writer with a heart attack in the hospital of Santo Spirito”,- stated in the message.

Ушел из жизни знаменитый писатель: «огромная потеря», врачи были бессильны

Note that Camilleri is the most popular writer of detective. Among his creations – a series of novels about a police Commissioner Montalbano.

In 2015, he was the winner of the prize. Gogol in Italy for the contribution “in the art of words.”

As previously reported, johnny Clegg, South African singer and songwriter of British origin, passed away on Tuesday, April 16. The singer had struggled with cancer, but the disease overcame him, reported local TV channel with reference to the Manager of the contractor.

Clegg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015, but he continued to tour and perform around the world.

Clegg has become known for its mixture of traditional African and European motifs. In 1993 he was nominated for the prestigious Grammy award for best album.

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Clegg Manager Roddy Quin said about the legendary musician: “johnny leaves a deep impression in the heart of every man, who considers himself African. He showed us what it was like to assimilate other cultures and accept them, without losing their identity… Its unique style of music overcame cultural barriers… many of us he awakened understanding.”

Colleagues at the scene spoke of Legge: “What I was immediately struck by when meeting with johnny, is that he was much more than a musician. Music can unite people. Through his music, he United us where politicians have failed. We owe a lot to him. I’ll see you free through music”.

Ушел из жизни знаменитый писатель: «огромная потеря», врачи были бессильны

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