Gone from the life of famous Russian actress: “star husband remained a widower”

Ушла из жизни знаменитая российская актриса: "звездный муж остался вдовцом"

Legendary Russian actor remained a widower, his wife died after 65 years of happy marriage

Died a famous actress and wife of actor Yuri Solomin. Honored artist of Russia, actress and Professor of acting School Shchepkin died the evening of may 27, but on her death it became known only a few days later. The folk artist was 87 years old.

Olga Solomina was the only choice of the actor. Olga met her future husband — a famous actor Yuri Solomin is still a student. They had been married for 65 happy years in marriage they have a daughter Dasha. There is the actor and granddaughter of Alexander, born in 1990. The girl chose the profession of musician.

Ушла из жизни знаменитая российская актриса: "звездный муж остался вдовцом"

Skill actor Olga Solomina taught since 1981. In 1996, together with her husband Yuri Solomin became artistic Director of the course of Theatrical school of Schepkin.

We will remind, after graduation, Yuri Solomin has become a part of the troupe of the Maly theater. Over the years Solomin has shown her talent and resulted in 1988, becoming a Director of this theatre, remaining to this day. In addition, on account of a widowed actor and Director with many prominent roles, among them in the movie “the Adjutant of his Excellency”, “Sleepless night”, “Bat” and “Strong-willed”.

Ушла из жизни знаменитая российская актриса: "звездный муж остался вдовцом"

Earlier it was reported that as a result of serious illness has died of the scandalous Russian film Director, artistic Director and Director of the Moscow conceptual theatre Cyril Ganin, his erotic works tried many times to ban. He died in a Moscow hospital. Cause of death was bilateral pneumonia and liver dysfunction. He was 52 years old.

The first performance of Cyril Ganin, “Behind closed doors” was shown in 1994, after the premiere the Director was arrested and forced to undergo a psychiatric examination.

A setting of Cyril Ganin on classic works caused protests by the heirs of copyright and a number of deputies of the State Duma. In 1999, the Director Ganina for the performance “Master and Margarita” was filed by an heir of Bulgakov, Sergei Shilovsky.

Recall that the star of the show “the Voice” died after the death of his beloved: the mystical tragedy.

As reported Politeka, the body of the famous musician found in a pool of blood: “save girlfriend-Russian”.

Also Politeka wrote that died a legend of Russian show business: “stay in the occupied Crimea was worth living”.