Gone from the life of a popular musician, “his songs have become cult”

Ушел из жизни популярный музыкант: "его песни стали культовыми"

Popular musician and composer became ill after the concert, the doctors were unable to save him

In Britain, he died a member of the band Alabama 3, musician Jake black, who gained fame by writing the soundtrack to the TV series “the Sopranos.” This writes the newspaper The Independent.

As noted, black felt bad after a speech at the Highpoint festival in Lancashire on Friday, 17 may. The musician was hospitalized on Tuesday he was gone.

The death of his singer confirmed on social networks the other members of the group Alabama 3 (A3). The cause of death is not named. Colleagues report that “the transition to the highest level” their “spiritual mentor” made peacefully and painlessly, surrounded by loved ones.

Ушел из жизни популярный музыкант: "его песни стали культовыми"

In 1995, the black with Rob Spraggon founded the band Alabama 3. The group played tracks that were a mixture of gospel music, acid-house, country, rock-n-roll, Blues and electronic music.

The most famous song Alabama 3 was the song Woke Up This Morning (“Awake this morning”). That it sounds in the opening credits to the popular TV series “the Sopranos.” In addition, the group’s music can be heard in the films “Gone in 60 seconds”, “Factory football”, “Definitely maybe”, “3000 miles to Graceland”, “Torchwood”, “the Simpsons”.

Earlier it was reported that actress, singer and composer Genevieve Waite died at the age of 71. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she died in her sleep at her home in Los Angeles.

Waite was born 13 February 1948 in Cape town, South Africa. She performed the title role in the British 1968 film “Joanna”, also appeared in the film “Myra Breckinridge” (1970) and “Move” (1970). In 1974 he released the album “Romance Is on the Rise”, songs from which can be heard in the films “the Man who fell to Earth” starring the legendary David Bowie, and “Just a kiss”.

From 1972 to 1985 Genevieve was married to the leader of the group the Mamas & the Papas John Phillips, who produced her album “Romance Is on the Rise”. From this marriage at Waite had two children, Tamerlane Phillips and Bijou Phillips, later also became an actress.

Ушел из жизни популярный музыкант: "его песни стали культовыми"

Recall that the star of the show “the Voice” died after the death of his beloved: the mystical tragedy.

As reported Politeka, died a famous actress-beauty: “she loved the whole world.”

Also Politeka wrote that the body of the famous musician found in a pool of blood: “save girlfriend-Russian”.