“Gone crazy”: the actor asks to be buried in Ukraine

"Поехала крыша": голливудский актер просит похоронить его в Украине

In Hollywood believe that the famous actor Mickey Rourke went to the roof

This is due to his recent statement. Star wants after death he was buried in Ukraine, namely in the village of Zagortsi Khmelnytskyi region.

A place to bury Rourke chose for a reason. In this village lives a family of his assistant Dmitry Korniychuk, who over the years became a friend and often talks about his relatives.

“I told Dima: when I die, I don’t want to be buried here. He showed where his grandfather is buried, and I want to be buried there.”

"Поехала крыша": голливудский актер просит похоронить его в Украине

Many fans came to the conclusion that the actor went to the roof. Another reason for this was his participation in a recent edition of the show Good Morning Britain.

He appeared on the air with a pocket dog in a cowboy hat… and a distorted face. As it turned out, Mickey has recently had plastic surgery. Presenters, like the audience, were shocked by this kind of actor, because we all remember him as the sex symbol of Hollywood.

Not only the face of the star was confused by his fans, which is more like a mask, but his mental state, he behaved very strangely and, it would seem, not always understood the presenters.

"Поехала крыша": голливудский актер просит похоронить его в Украине

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Note that the actor was fond of changing his face back in the nineties, then obviously something went wrong and the former beauty of Mickey Rourke turned into plastic, frightens not only children but also adults.

We will remind, has died legendary actress.

As reported Politeka, the Hollywood legend have distorted themselves with plastic: could not stop in time.

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