Goncharuk rigidly framed Zelensky, retribution is not far off: will Not last to…

Гончарук жестко подставил Зеленского, расплата не за горами: Не продержится и до...

Alexey Goncharuk will not last as Prime Minister until the spring of 2020

This forecast was voiced by political analyst Nikolai Davydyuk channel Politeka online.(to see the video dockrillia the page to the end)

“This is a super optimistic forecast that the Secretariat will remain in his post after March of next year. So he can now make any predictions about what Ukraine will grow by 40% per year, per month. He realizes that he doesn’t have to perform, and he can drive in technocratically populism, tell super faithful to the things he just will not do” — says the analyst.

Гончарук жестко подставил Зеленского, расплата не за горами: Не продержится и до...

According to him, Goncharuk all this makes for, in order to create their own political power and to show himself as an independent politician, but all these actions of the Prime Minister began to eat the ratings of the President Zelensky.

We have previously reported, Goncharuk commented on the scandal that occurred on the eve of the day of defender of Ukraine, which is celebrated on 14 October. Then, we will remind, the Prime Minister attended a charity concert in honor of veterans. However, as it turned out, among the invited musicians, the band was a band popular among the nationalists, — “sokira Peruna”. Goncharuk also delivered a speech from the stage, where he thanked those present for what they are. Further, many Ukrainians accused him of links with nationalists.

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Гончарук жестко подставил Зеленского, расплата не за горами: Не продержится и до...

Therefore, the Prime Minister had to justify: “To show I have nothing, — he wrote later in the social network. — He did not listen and had no idea about the person being invited as a performer. Think it’s a matter of movement veterans, who organized the event or an independent radio company, which provided the musical program of the evening. In any case, this is not the case of the head of the Government — to dictate our defenders, what songs to sing. At the same time, to avoid any issues: I don’t accept hateful ideology — neither Nazism nor fascism, nor communism”.

We will remind, rebellion in Parliament: do MPs have patience, Goncharuk tough to pay.

As reported Politeka public Servants grappled with Goncharuk: the details of the clashes, “Prime broke…”.

Also Politeka wrote that the scandal Goncharuk booming all over the country, there was an unexpected statement: “irrelevant”.