Golik: Regional administration received clear criteria of effectiveness

Голик: Областные администрации получат четкие критерии эффективности работы

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Institute for the future develop criteria of efficiency of regional administrations and their leaders

This was announced by adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Golik, reports the Commander in chief.

Golik said that the government held a meeting chaired by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet, which reviewed the principles of evaluation of quality of work of the state administration. “In parallel, a similar document, we’re now at the Institute for the future for all local authorities,” he informs.

According to the adviser of the head of government, currently no clear criteria does not exist. At the same time, the parameters by which the previously estimated work of regional administrations are often beyond the sphere of their influence.

“For example, the average wage in the region. The impact of the Governor and Governor? By and large, no. Or the level of wage arrears. Most of this debt is state-owned enterprises. But the ones that RSA did not obey. How to reduce the level of debt may affect the Governor? The only shovels to collect such enterprises in RSA and you long to shout at them, beat his fist on the table and demand the debts to pay off. Help? Of course not. The salary arrears from the blows of the Governor even head against the wall is not eliminated. Well, except out of pity. To the wall,” — says the Advisor to the Prime Minister.

Golik listed several options, by which you should evaluate the work of the regional administrations. This number attracted by RSA investment expenses on capital repair and construction of roads, hospitals and schools, as well as the number of new boilers to alternative fuels.

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“The number of children in queue in kindergartens. Because RSA can and must build new kindergartens. The number of children-orphans and children who lost their parents, living in foster homes, Small Group Homes and orphanages of Family Type. Because children do not have to live in boarding schools. And yeah to do it. The number of schools 100% accessible for children with special needs. Or their percentage. The level of competitiveness in the trades where the customer is a RSA or its structural units,” — says Golik.

Adviser to the Prime Minister added that there should be a clear KPI and performance evaluation of RSA, the “core set of indicators and several private for some areas with specific characteristics, not to compare in the end incomparable things”.

Previously Yuriy Golik shared experience of capital repairs of roads in record time. For example, the highway Zaporozhye-Mariupol shows that, for three months can be fully repaired with 130 km of highway including asphalt works and the entire road infrastructure. “We have proved that K can work quickly and efficiently, and new trails should and can amount to hundreds of kilometers, rather than dull segments,” said Golik.