Go on the offensive? Putin talked about the complete occupation of the Ukraine: what will happen now

Пойдут в наступление? У Путина заговорили о полной оккупации Украины: что теперь будет

Vladimir Putin broke another threatening Ukraine

At this time, “distinguished” top Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov.

In particular, one of the main adherents of the “Russian world” broadcast propaganda talk show on TV channel “Russia 1” ominously declared that the territory of “L/DNR” is supposed to spread from Kiev to Transnistria.

Пойдут в наступление? У Путина заговорили о полной оккупации Украины: что теперь будет

At the same time Vladimir Solovyov was glad that such a full-scale Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory will lead to Third world war

“The logic is already necessary to Donbass, including Kiev and to Transnistria. Because if you have already taken, then you have all the Russian people to return to their homeland. And this is world war”, – announced on the air “Russia 1” your inadequate imagination, the top propagandist of Vladimir Putin.

Previously, we reported that Vladimir Putin has suddenly started talking about the Association with Ukraine. The scandalous statement was broadcasted propaganda TV channel “Russia 1”. In particular, in the air scandalous talk show brawl two propagandist, discussing Ukraine and its opposition to Russian aggression.

Пойдут в наступление? У Путина заговорили о полной оккупации Украины: что теперь будет

One of the participants of the broadcast on the propaganda channel was clearly Pro-Russian, and the second sought to demonstrate its Pro-Ukrainian position, but still actively voiced in the air of the Imperial theses, talking about “fraternal people”.

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“I think that today’s Ukraine – is the state the virus. And exactly in this genre, in this form she needed the Americans, the West in General. They somehow believe that through this virus will infect us – large Russian. And it turns out exactly the opposite: for us, this virus is not valid, we have quite steady immunity and the virus begins to spread in the other direction. Soon the West will understand that they have this virus by threat. And you continue to live in the illusion that these are your Russophobic sentiments needed someone” – an insult said Pro-Kremlin political analyst Alexei Martynov.

He tried to protest alleged Pro-Ukrainian Studio guest Gordey Belov. But his answer was not convincing, because in the air he supported one of the biggest myths the Kremlin about “one nation” with the country-aggressor.

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