Glucose stunned vulgar photo shoot: “Hard to*Hali…”

Глюкоза ошарашила вульгарной фотосессией: "Затр*хали..."

Russian singer Glucose, whose real name Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, ran into harsh criticism for a candid photo shoot

On his page in social network Instagram Glucose is shown backstage with a photo shoot with a famous photographer from USA Dave Masagana.

Глюкоза ошарашила вульгарной фотосессией: "Затр*хали..."

The singer tried on a few hot outfits, including: a transparent black bra, candid bodysuit with a deep neckline and provocative poses.

“It is a great pleasure to work with such an amazing professional like you”, signed singer the movie in English.

“Natasha, You have a beautiful body, it’s just a dream! Imagine how much it invested labor, effort and discipline!”, “Luxury woman”, “Nipples trimmed )”, “that’s quality. Each position trend. Original, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful”, “Chistyakova — super! But on the night your beauty look dangerous, insomnia torment have, like Celentano, to chop wood.”, — write fans.

However, in a time when some people admire the beauty and liberation of Glucose, others attacked her with reproaches and criticism.

“The figure is super , but when you have a husband and especially the two daughters , this is not an example , so you can in front of husband”, “Immodest to vulgarity and besterest. This is for my husband!”, “Just pulled up your these endless briefs, vulgarity…”, “Shame! And gross one! Some pictures and videos naked…. Sickeningly indecent! You husband does not strips…so all I need for everyone to lay out and pose?! In porn shoot,cheap!”, “it became quite ugly vulgar”, “What’s with the face: wear out-tortured? Some dreary pomoshnitsa.”, “It seems to be an exemplary Mother to his children to use the Internet is not allowed because you will see such corruption” — outraged unsatisfied subscribers.

Глюкоза ошарашила вульгарной фотосессией: "Затр*хали..."

Глюкоза ошарашила вульгарной фотосессией: "Затр*хали..."

Earlier it was reported that the ex-husband Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan has shown dirty photos with Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, known under the pseudonym of Glucose.

Maxim Vitorgan after his divorce from Xenia Sobchak misses. Recently it became known that the actor is resting in Marbella (by the way, there spends the holidays and his ex-wife and son of Plato). But Vitorgan are other Russian star – actors, Leonid Baratz, Rostislav Khait and the singer Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova (Glucose).

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As reported Politeka, Glucose in a provocative pose, plunged the Network into horror: “So the wife is at home to meet”, photo

Also Politeka wrote that Glucose is told about the death of decl: “It was not needed”