“Glory to Ukraine”: Putin’s ally smashed to live for the war in the Donbass, frames shame

"Слава Украине": соратника Путина разнесли в прямом эфире за войну на Донбассе, кадры позора

Ally of Vladimir Putin live on Russian radio station, accused of waging war on the Donbass

As reported Politeka, the corresponding statement was made by Russian dissident and philosopher Igor Chubais (to see the video, dockrillia the news until the end).

So, the older brother of head “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais live on the radio shouted “Glory to Ukraine” and accused the leadership of the Russian Federation in the war in the East of Ukraine.

"Слава Украине": соратника Путина разнесли в прямом эфире за войну на Донбассе, кадры позора

The incident occurred yesterday, October 11, the radio station Komsomolskaya Pravda, where the opponent Igor Chubais was the former leader of terrorists “DNR” Igor Strelkov-Girkin.

Philosopher Igor Chubais first took the floor and spoke sharply about what Russian Federation despicable unleashed military actions in Eastern Ukraine.

The former leader of the militants “DNR” Igor Strelkov-Girkin, who actively participated in the capture of settlements in the Donbass, it is not possible to insert a replica in the air. He also said that dialogue can only take place if the terrorist admits his guilt for starting the war in the Donbass.

“I am ready to debate only if my opponent admits his guilt and responsibility. If not – goodbye. Glory To Ukraine!” the oppositionist stated Chubais and left the Studio of the Russian radio station.

"Слава Украине": соратника Путина разнесли в прямом эфире за войну на Донбассе, кадры позора

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We previously reported that Ukraine was cornered Vladimir Putin. It is reported that negotiations with official Moscow on the return of Ukrainian ships seized near the Kerch Strait, on the homestretch

This information was confirmed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko. According to him, the ship “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu”, which was seized by the Russian military in the Azov sea, may soon be transferred to Ukraine.

“We are now at the final stage of the transfer of these ships. They will be returned soon. Technical issues are discussed naval command. We want to see the condition of these ships was given to us is left in them, for example, traces from shots made by our ships. Something tells me that they will not be there by the time when we get them,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Putin has no chance, the plan for the destruction is ready.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is preparing a new invasion, deadly weapons at the border